Dr. John's Dental Centre: Tackling Intricate Dental Complexities with Utmost Care

Dr. Abraham John & Dr. Jitha Elsa Philip,Directors  In a time where dentists are visited not just in times of medical need, but also to attain the confidence & positive self-image that comes with having a great smile, Kerala has seen this evolving art owing to one man way long before in 1976. With the strong ideology of tackling intricate dental complexities with utmost care as the foundation stone, Dr C P John, established Dr. John’s Dental Centre with state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, and since then has been lighting up all the faces he ever touched.

Using advanced technology, techniques & equipments, the centre creates the smile people deserve with long-lasting dental materials and outstanding aesthetic results. The clinic boasts of some of India’s most reputed doctors including Dr Johns Son Dr. Abraham John, Prosthodontist Postgraduate Diploma in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Kings College London., Dr. C P John (Implantologist & Certified BPS consultant), and Daughter In Law Dr. Jitha Elsa Philip (Aesthetic Dentist), who are passionate about the positive impact they create in patient’s life. These experts never stop improving their skills & knowledge through ongoing
professional development and personal commitment towards patients in an open, honest and empathetic setting.

Being the first certified BPS Consultant and a pioneer in Fast braces in Kerala, Dr. Johns offers treatments like metal free crowns and dentcare aligners

Dr. John’s offers everything from major full mouth rehabilitation to minor treatments like Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, Black Line Removal (remove black lines caused by metal-based dental restorations & replace them with metal free crowns), Crown Lengthening (alter gum-tooth ratio with high-tech gum recountouring tools like Lasers), Zirconia Crowns¸ Fillings, and Onlays/Inlays (to retain the natural tooth). While its Smile Make over involves a combination of intricate cosmetic dental services to achieve a best possible smile, Dental Implants entails inserting replacement dental implants & restorations into the gum tissue. Likewise, Restorative Dentistry leverages a combination of procedures to restore missing, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth and inflamed /infected gums to their healthiest and best-appearing look.

New Age Practices
Being the first certified BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) Consultant and a pioneer in Fast braces in Kerala,Dr.John's offers treatments like Self-ligating braces by 3M and Teeth
Coloured braces (Smart Clip and Clarity Sl by 3M). The clinic is well equipped in straightening teeth using Fast Braces with patented triangular brackets & heat activated wires that move the teeth & roots together quickly and safely within 3-12 months (usually 20 weeks). Dr.John’s offers virtually invisible, removable plastic Dentcare Aligner is sought by most adults & teenagers, as it shifts teeth gradually & gently into the position prescribed by Dr. John, based on the exact movements indicated in the treatment plan. “Utilizing Dentcare aligner advanced digital & 3D technology, we even have the ability to give you a glimpse into the future where you can preview your finished result,” explains Dr.John.

The best choice for old people geriatric patients) who are quality -conscious and concerned about their dentures looking natural is BPS dentures, which due to its non-porous surface texture reduces gum irritation, chance of material breakage & odour causing plaque bacteria, and even allows patients to eat and chew any food. With sophisticated instrumentation, Dr.John’s records all facial information to recreate a smile’s character and restore the natural contour of lips and facial muscles. Bps Dentures can be customized to suit one’s persona and aesthetic expectations. “We go through a series of records in order to preview and envision the final result and create a blueprint that drives the process to completion,” concludes the proud Doctor, who has witnessed first-hand life-changing potential of a smile makeover.