Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi Clinic: The Healing Touch

Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi,FounderAlthough advanced care planning, worldly wise methodologies and updated knowledge forms the core to an effectual psychotherapy treatment, it’s the empathetic nature of the psychotherapist that helps one to understand & treat the patient precisely by fostering a meaningful connection with the patient. Widely appreciated by patients for embodying such a friendly & open stance and providing 24x7 support to patients with customized & specialized therapy for a wide range of psychological ailments is Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi, Founder, Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi Clinic. The clinic offers holistic treatment both from pharmacological & psychological angle with an emotionally protective facility specially designed for psychological intervention respecting the privacy & security of patients. “I believe in being available all the times on phone for patients so that in case of emergencies or crisis, they can have someone to bank on and receive professional assistance. Besides providing basic inpatient facilities for acute & emergency needs, we also visit patients home who for social reasons, hesitate to visit the clinic for therapy,” says Dr. Amrit.

From mood disorders to addictions, neuropsychiatric disorders to

Dr. Amrit performs online therapy through video conferencing to those who are unable to visit the clinic physically for the therapy which helps the patients to take the treatment at their convenience

pediatric& geriatric psychological
diseases, issues with marriage to workplace, substance dependence, and anxiety disorder, this Bhubaneswar-based clinic renders holistic treatment for all aspects of overall mental health. The clinic uses a plethora of test and assessment techniques that taps every domain of psychology i.e., personality, behavioral and cognitive functioning for diagnostic determination & appropriate counseling of the mental disorders. With several specifically designed tests to measure an individual’s emotionalal & psychological states, adaptive abilities and also neuropsychological aspects, Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi Clinic aims to understand & conceptualize the issues into an organized format for developing & designing a customized intervention strategy based on the patients’issues, instead of blindly applying generic therapy techniques in a mechanical fashion, which has little use for the patients. .

The Pharma-Psycho Approach
Post a detailed diagnosis, the clinic offers individualized, culturally sensitive, strengths-based clinical and evidence based practices along with interpersonal approaches for children, teens, adults, couples,
and families as well as group therapies. Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi Clinic excels in various therapies like Dialectical behavior therapy(DBT), Eye movement desensitization & Reprocessing therapy (EMDR), Exposure therapy, Mentalization based therapy and deaddiction. The clinic also provides pharmacotherapy that involves prescribed dosage of medication that is proven to be effective by researchers worldwide and works well along with psychological treatment for faster recovery. Dr. Amrit performs online therapy through video conferencing to those who are unable to visit the clinic physically for the therapy which helps the patients to take the treatment at their convenience, reducing cost and saving time. Not differing from the personal therapy sessions, these sessions are F2F with the therapist and make use of digital sharing of therapy materials (diagrams, book excerpts, tables, pictures and written texts).

Practicing since 2005, Dr. Amrit’s impeccable experience has poised the clinic among top mental health practitioners in the state & as an epitome of excellent psychotherapy services. Established on the seeds of professional competence, ethics, faith and a service orientation towards society at large, the clinic intends to introduce state-of-the-art pharmacological intervention & well-equipped therapy rooms. To cater a large number of patients, the clinic aims to expand options for online therapy & inpatient facility with a well trained supporting staff. Dr. Amrit also has plans to offer specialized workshops /training programs and services to corporate houses & looking forward for like-minded professionals to join the clinic to reach greater heights in future.