Dr. Abhay Kumar : Envisioning an Evolution of Urological Cancer Care & Robotic Surgery in East India

Dr. Abhay Kumar, Head - Urology Uro-Oncology & Robotic Surgery

Dr. Abhay Kumar

Head - Urology Uro-Oncology & Robotic Surgery

Dr. Abhay Kumar is a highly experienced Urologist and UroOncologist with over 12 years in the field. He completed his MBBS from SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack, in 2003. And furthered with an MS in General Surgery and a DNB in GenitoUrinary Surgery from renowned institutions in Orissa and Mumbai. He also pursed Urology and Oncology training from Tata Memorial Hospital.

Cancer is a big, long-term, often life-threatening challenge, and getting the right care at right time is really important. In the face of rising numbers in cancers patients, specialized medical intervention has become more critical. However, the accessibility of organ specific oncologists and cutting-edge technologies is not uniform across India. While oncology advances rapidly in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other metros, a stark contrast is prevalent in the East. Here, the demand for quality care is not met, making people move to far cities to access cancer care.

In a great stride, Dr. Abhay and his team has been striving to eliminate this disparity by establishing a topnotch oncology clinic, Medica Hospital in Kolkata. They aim to bring quality cancer care to the patients in the eastern region, bridging the gap in accessibility and ensuring that no one is left without the specialized attention they deserve in their battle against cancer.

The Roots of Compassion

His journey in oncology began with a training at the esteemed Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, renowned as one of the best cancer care centers in India. It was during this training that he noticed that most of the patients come from Bihar and Bengal, including his hometown of Jamshedpur. He witnesssed the hardships faced by patients who had to travel to Mumbai for cancer treatment, often sleeping on footpaths and waiting for prolonged periods.

Motivated by a sense of responsibility and empathy, Dr. Abhay, along with a group of like-minded young doctors, decided to
return to Kolkata and establish a hospital to cater to the needs of the local population. This decision marked a turning point. Upon returning to Kolkata, they wanted to ensure that the standard of care in their hospital matched that of Tata Memorial Hospital. Thus, aimed for a smooth patient experience, minimizing waiting periods, and providing advanced treatments. The team’s focus on robotic surgery led to the establishment of robotic surgery centers in several hospitals of Kolkata, making this advanced technology accessible to many. The journey wasn't just about providing medical treatment; it was about instilling confidence and trust in the local population that world-class cancer care could be found in Kolkata itself.

Focusing on bringing life back to complete normalcy for patient & their families

Innovations in Surgical Techniques & Emotional Community Support

Dr. Abhay and his team’s unique approach extends beyond compassion and accessibility to pioneering in organ-preserving surgeries, introducing the concept of artificial bladders for bladder cancer patients in the region, which is not common. The emphasis on preserving a patient's quality of life post-surgery has been a guiding principle, challenging misconceptions and instilling hope. The introduction of minimally invasive surgeries, particularly in prostate and kidney cancers, has further revolutionized cancer care. In 2020, Dr. Abhay was honored with the Healthcare Pioneers Award by the Times of India Group, recognizing his dedication and groundbreaking work in the field of Uro-Oncology.

Recognizing the emotional toll cancer takes on patients and their families, they have established support groups for specific cancers. These groups not only provide a platform for sharing experiences but also serve as a source of encouragement and guidance. Breaking the isolation often associated with cancer, these support groups foster a sense of community and understanding. He highlights, “Cancers are curable if diagnosed in the early stages. Early diagnosis is very important, and for that, screening is crucial because most cancers are usually asymptomatic in the early stages. Depending on the risk factors, screening is essential to diagnose cancers when they're asymptomatic and can be treated and cured. In terms of prevention, some disruptors are preventable or modifiable, like tobacco consumption, while others are non-modifiable, such as genetic factors. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, including proper diet, exercise, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking & alcohol plays a significant role in reducing the risk of developing certain types of cancer".

Looking Forward

As science and technology continue to advance, Dr. Abhay and his team of doctors envisions a future where predictive technologies, precision medicine, and targeted therapies play a more prominent role in cancer care. They remain committed to staying at the forefront of these developments to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care.

This journey exemplifies a blend of medical expertise, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. Dr. Abhay and his team continues to shape the accessibility of cancer care in Eastern India, proving that where there is compassion and innovation, transformation is inevitable.