DPHS: Setting up an Innovation Driven Future for Drug Discovery

Dr. Abhijit Patil, Dr. Ankesh Pawar & Dr. Kruitikesh Age ,Co-foundersWHO defines clinical trials as types of research that study new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. Clinical trials are useful for treating various kinds of health complications through medicines. DPHS is one such Startup engaged in clinical trials that aspires to take medicine discovery forward and help pharmaceutical Startup in developing effective life saving medicines. The Startup was started in the year 2019 by key person Dr.Krutikesh Age, Dr.Ankesh Pawar, Dr.Abhijit Patil.

DPHS provides all the 4 phases of biomedical clinical trials and pharmaceutical drug development in multiple cities. In its 2 year journey to the present, it has helped to bring to the market significant therapies, treatments and drugs. The Startup further dedicates itself to innovative solutions and scientific expertise that helps improving the drug development process.

Clinical trials hold immense significance for the medical community and much awareness is needed in the sphere. Through clinical trials, it can be made possible to understand what works on humans and what doesn't. Life saving drugs can be developed with the help of clinical trials and thus the pharmaceutical Startup are dependent on such trials. Especially the covid scenario saw a huge surge in the clinical trials and the concept was widely made aware among the masses.

Setting Up High Quality Benchmarks
DPHS stands by the quality benchmarks set for deliverables towards its clients. The pharmaceutical background of the entire team in process, helps the Startup to better understand the molecule it works on, and this gives them an edge over the expertise that differentiates them from the others in the competitive sphere. The Startup works on maximizing safety & efficiency and makes data driven decisions for every study.

The primary team at DPHS conducts clinical
trials and studies. The drug is then approved by the regulatory authority in question. The secondary team then gathers the relevant information and patients. It acts as a service provider where a drug is tested in a particular indication and the data is provided to the pharmaceutical companies.

DPHS works on maximizing safety & efficiency and makes data driven decisions for every study

The customers often come to DPHS for quality deliveries within the specified time limit. Though this stands a challenge but the Startups never fails its clients in terms of expectations. DPHS worked on stringent timelines of 12 hours during covid times and this helped it recognise its strength for the future as well. It has multiple clients and is doing well, surviving the market competition. The DPHS works on maximizing safety & efficiency and makes data driven decisions for every study engages in continuous feedbacks and follow ups from the patients.

Dr. Ankesh Pawar, Co-founder

Strict Confidentiality for Database Management
DPHS maintains strict confidentiality guidelines when it comes to data management on its portal. All the labs it has collaborations with, have certified accreditations. It is currently associated with multiple government setups including 4-5 Government hospitals.

DPHS also conducts different camps like thyroid awareness camps and diabetes awareness camps where it discusses the indications and prevention of these diseases following certain lifestyle choices. It also provides clinical trials to those who have affordability issues. Through clinical trials done at DPHS, innovative technology can be developed to treat the patients and can be helpful in preventing the spread of diseases.

Dr.Kruitikesh Age, Co-founder

The DPHS works on maximizing safety & efficiency and makes data driven decisions for every study has seen an exponential growth in a short span of time and the future looks bright. DPHS strives to maintain its quality standards to get more projects and to maintain a stable growth through collaboration. It also plans to expand and explore further in the field of Oncology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Derma & Cardiology.