Domarp Pharmacy: Offering Holistic Wellness though a Wide Range of Homeopathy Products

Pramod Minocha, Managing Director
Pramod Minocha, Managing Director

For every drug that benefits a patient, there is a natural substance that can achieve the same effect. Unlike conventional medicine which only focuses on the suffering, homeopathy has a thorough approach that considers cause, effect and total cure of the disease. Topping the charts among them is Faridabad-based company Domarp Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd, which develops products from the purest ingredients that are thoroughly tested before made available in the market.

Producing over 1000 range of products, the company offers holistic solution to an individual for all diseases related to gastro, skin, liver, infectious disease, pain management, nutritional deficiency and so on. These products range from general tonic for children & adults to medicine for liver ailments & piles, skin care medicines, blood pressure, diabetes & cholesterol, bone & joints and kidney stones medicines. Domarp specializes in a wide array of combination medicines that provide relief from symptoms of the most common
ailments. “Domarp products are very
effective and the team always walks the extra mile to ensure healthcare reaches every individual. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis and had a history of eczematous eruption (before age 30) and obstinate constipation. After taking Nat Mur and PSMDOM, my psoriasis was under control and also relieved from constipation,” shares a client.

" Domarp specializes in a wide array of combination medicines that provide relief from symptoms of the most common ailments"

The Uniqueness
Domarp is renowned for producing high-quality homeopathic medicines with natural ingredients that undergo various clinical trials, which physicians use with confidence for treating patients and individuals. It uses the best known ENA (Extra Neutral Alcohol) for their products and is a pioneer in providing all their products in plastic bottles i.e. special grade PE-II plastic imported from Germany. This ISO 9001:2008 certified company adheres to quality management system(QMS), Environmental Management system (EMS), and Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP). Domarp maintains the highest ethical practice by complying with schedule M1, Drugs & Cosmetics Act and Drugs and Magic Remedies Act. Its production unit is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

Upholding the Best Brand Status
Being the first manufacturer of the entire range of sugar-free syrups,
Domarp has brought in revolution to the history of homeopathy medicines and treatment, and has high hopes that the market would stand receptive towards the aim at promoting wellness for all. Always heeding to customers’ issues, the company has recently revised the pricing policy to make the product reachable to all segments. Its this genuine concern towards its customers that has enabled Domarp to win several awards such as Trailblazer Award, Brand Excellence Award, Naturopathy &Yoga Award, Karamveer Chakra Award and Devi Award.

Cultivating a sense of belongingness with the customers (user of products & doctors), the company constantly updates them via video detailing, online events, electronic sampling and so on. Domarp conducts health awareness & check-up camps at nearby villages along with distribution of text books for children and offers free consultation (3 PM-5 PM everyday except Sunday) to the economically weaker section of society.

Spearheaded by a person having 25 years of experience in production and management since 2011, this 100 people strong company witnessed a steady growth of 35 percent in terms of sales and distributor network last year. Aiming to achieve 55 percent more this year, Domarp anticipates introducing beauty care solutions for skin & hair, and has another venture in the pipeline for animals and pet care.