Doctori8 Pro: Ameliorating the Healthcare of Underserved Population through Technology

Parijat Chakraborty,CEO
Parijat Chakraborty, CEO

The age-old catchphrase – a healthy mind in a healthy body, implies how much health is imperative in our lives. Alas! Healthcare system in our country is cumbersome due to the lousy doctor-patient ratio(1:2000 as compared to 1:1000 as per WHO), lack of hospitals, high costs, and many other reasons. The situation is even worse in tier-II & tier-III cities, where healthcare is still viewed through the window of luxury rather amenity. These under-served areas are in dire need of improved health infrastructure. Addressing this concern, Doctori8 Pro is facilitating clinics of all scales and patients (urban & rural) to provide and obtain adequate health care through its affordable software & app respectively, therefore meeting both sides of coin – doctor & patient.

Comprehensive Cloud-based Medical Platform
Doctori8 offers effective patient care with all electronic medical records and e-prescriptions synced well in its system that gives access any where, anytime and with any
device (mobile phone, desktop or a tablet). It has prefilled drop down menus that allows clinicians to complete the documentation process within fewer clicks, while patients can see unfiltered details of all verified doctors in just three simple steps and weigh all prospects before making an appointment. Ensuring safety of this data, Doctori8’s latest technology guards all data with end-to-end encryption.

" Doctori8 offers effective patient care with all electronic medical records and e-prescriptions synced well in its system that gives access any where, anytime and with any device"

Numerous hospitals (Vaidansh Multispecialty Hospital and Alchemist Hospital, Gwalior) and doctors (Dr. Sonal Gupta - Endodontist, Dr. ArpitShrivastava - Orthodontist, Dr. Nikhil Purohit - Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and Dr. Dipanjit Singh - Prosthodontist from Delhi) have tremendously benefited from Doctori8’s customizable cloud-based practice management software. It facilitates doctors to easily access patient’s information, view their daily appointments in the calendar &re-schedule the appointments. Furthermore, billing invoices of patients are also generated, patients are notified of due payments and revenue generations are updated frequently to help them keep track of their
practice, which also proves a help in unfortunate medico-legal cases.

Reaching Out To Remote-Areas
Aiming at bringing telemedicine to the forefront, the company bestows patients in remote areas with the services of online chatting and consultation. “For masses where an immediate consultation may not be possible due to long travel hours or unavailability of a full-fledged clinic in the vicinity, we’re trying to push beyond the boundaries with online consultation thereby reducing waiting time to less than 15 minutes per patient,” explains ParijatChakraborty, CEO, Doctori8 Pro.

Moving Forward
Incepted in 2017 with the funds of one of the leading dentists in Madhya Pradesh, the company has established its branches in Delhi, Gwalior, Bhopal, and Hyderabad. The company is now aiming to provide healthcare PAN India and generating revenue of Rs.5 crore in the next financial year. By September 2018, it’s planning to launch a number of value-added services like a virtual health assistant or a chatbot trained by proficient physicians. The story doesn’t end here; it’s also aiming to provide services like cloud storage for EHRs and e-prescriptions, online medicine delivery services, online reminders for taking medication, regular checkup and test reminders and nutritional intake check for pregnant women.