Doctor Insta: Providing Instant Medical Consults through Digital Platform at Patients' Doorstep

 Amit Munjal ,    CEO

Amit Munjal, CEO

Today mobile Health technology aka mHealth technology has improved the connection between patients and their medical providers to be instantaneous and available 24x7. By providing video-medicine platform (Medical Consults can be done through Video, Phone and Chat as preferred by the Patient) for medical consultation instantly, Gurugram based Doctor Insta strives to bridge the gap between doctors and patients through a digital channel of healthcare delivery. Doctor Insta endeavors to provide telemedicine experience to empower people to lead healthy lifestyles, enhance productivity, reduce infection rate and improve operational efficiency of doctors.

“Majority of healthcare problems, for which people visit OPD of clinics and hospitals, could be resolved through Virtual Healthcare and so, people don’t have to waste
3 to 4 hours of time to deal with chaotic traffic conditions, poor parking situations and then waiting in the waiting rooms of the doctors. Doctor Insta resolves these problems for patients and provides the facility to meet top specialist doctors in over 40 specialties. Patients get the prescription, digitally signed by the Doctor immediately after the consults, inside the app as well as via Email and SMS”, said Amit Munjal, CEO, Doctor Insta.

"Doctor Insta provides Doctors with the convenience to work from home with no clinical equipments and set up cost"

Doctor Insta is already covering over 2.5 million lives and over 150 large companies’ employees in India through its innovative services.

Furthermore, Doctor Insta’s Video, Phone and Chat Visits allow Doctors, Pediatricians, Sexologists, Psychologists, Gynecologists, Nutritionists and other specialists to audio-visually engage with patients for smart diagnosis and effective treatment consultation. Doctor Insta puts high emphasis on Quality Assurance & Quality Control by deploying stringent Selection and Screening processes for Doctors on-boarding. Only 3 percent of Specialist Doctors, who apply, get selected to practice on the platform.
On Doctor Insta, patients get the opportunity to rate and review the doctors after every consult. Through these ratings and reviews, other patients get to know and decide which doctor to prefer and also, the platform becomes self-improving as if a certain Doctor’s ratings drop below the threshold then that Doctor gets decommissioned from the platform. Doctor Insta not just offers the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to see a Specialist Doctor but it also the highest rated Healthcare App in the Country with an Average Play store and Appstore rating of 4.8 by tens of thousands of users.

Doctor Insta provides Doctors with the convenience to work from home with no clinical equipments and set up cost. Additionally, Doctor Insta’s computerized record management system maintains and manages all patient data. Along with this, Doctor Insta also offers multiple value added services to Patients, such as Medicine Delivery with up to 40percent Discount, Diagnostic Tests with up to 60 percent Discount, Anytime, Anywhere Ambulance Service, Free Health Risk Assessment Tests, and Free Health Tips and Blogs from Specialist Doctors.