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Manasije Mishra,  Managing Director

Manasije Mishra

Managing Director

Today, when everything is available at the click of a button, getting online consultation or clinical examination from a doctor does not come as a surprise. While this is still a developing domain, the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged people to switch to online platforms and consult certified medical practitioners. As per a study by Praxis Global Alliance, India's teleconsultation market size was about $26 million in March 2020, and it grew to $163 million by March 2021. The tele consultation market is expected to grow by 72 percent to $836 million by March 2024, where one in every 35 consultations will take place online by FY24.

"DocOnline is working with the government, corporates and individuals to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere"

While the healthcare industry is continuously striving to meet people's needs with the help of technology, numerous players are stepping up to cash on the rising opportunities. One name that sets new benchmarks is Bangalore-based DocOnline Health India Pvt Ltd. In the market dominated by technology platforms,DocOnline is an innovative telemedicine-led healthcare company that delivers humane and compassionate care by focusing on clinical quality with technology as an enabler. They provide video/phone doctor consultations through over 60 carefully selected inhouse doctors trained in telemedicine and equipped with evidence-based clinical tools for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The subscription-based healthcare service from DocOnline allows members to use DocOnline as their first point of contact for any medical problem. The storage of medical records and medical history provides the comfort of speaking to a doctor familiar with their health condition, in their preferred language, thereby improving patient experience. DocOnline is currently empowering over 3.5 million families by providing 24X7 access to video/phone doctor consultations in 10 specialties and 14 Indian languages. DocOnline delivers over 7.2 lakh consultations, diagnostic tests, and medicines every year.

"Digital Primary Healthcare is evolving rapidly, and DocOnline is at the forefront of this revolution by concentrating on quality clinical outcomes. Our model focuses on health outcomes and continuous clinical quality improvements and is designed to build trust. Trust is a critical factor in healthcare. Our business is growing due to our customers 'trust. We help patients avoid around 70-80 percent of clinic visits, and over 45 percent of our customers are repeat users, who approach us multiple times to get a consultation for themselves and their family members", says Manasije Mishra, MD, DocOnline.

While a majority of the health insurance policies in India do not cover OPD healthcare needs, DocOnline's prepaid OPD packages are helping Indian families save up to 70percent on OPD healthcare expenses. The prepaid health packages offer unlimited tele consultations, preventive health checks, free outpatient consultations, pharmacy benefits, and complimentary insurance coverage, making it a one-stop solution for a family's OPD healthcare.

"The opportunity to positively impact millions of families is why we all come to work everyday. Our omnichannel model helps app, website users, and nontech-savvy customers (including rural customers & senior citizens) access health services. DocOnline services are available through mobile apps, desktops (web), assisted digital clinics, and assisted mobile clinics", mentions Manasije.
Focus on Clinical Quality
Manasije Mishra says, “At DocOnline, we have carefully designed every step of the patient journey to ensure we deliver the care that helps the patients and their family members. Evidence-based medicine and clinical protocols have been our prime focus, enabling our doctors to delive r the right diagnosis and treatment. Senior clinicians review the doctor consultations, provide feedback and mentor doctors.

One of their patient, about 37 years old had been suffering from skin rashes for a long time & visited an experienced Dermatologist. The Dermatologist prescribed a topical ointment & he used the same ointment whenever there was a skin rash. After a year, the problem persisted, and he came to DocOnline for a General Physician (GP) consultation. The GP, during the consultation, found other signs/symptoms and recommended the patient for an ultrasound and liver function test. The diagnosis revealed Chronic liver disease. The rash was only a symptom of the liver problem.

At DocOnline, we have carefully designed every step of the patient journey to ensure we deliver the care that helps the patients and their family members

DocOnline is working with the government, corporates, and individuals to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere. They work with 150+ corporates enabling them to deliver quality healthcare to their Employees, Customers, and the community through CSR initiatives. By harnessing international best practices from healthcare, health insurance, technology, and financial services industries, the team has built compelling customer propositions for every segment they work with. Their corporate clients include Ultratech cement, Tata Motors Finance, and Vedanta Foundation.

With comprehensive healthcare solutions for Corporate Health and Wellness programs, DocOnline is helping many corporates by creating and sustaining a healthier and happier workforce. The holistic offering from DocOnline helps corporates have one partner for all their health and wellness programs and address their employees' physical, mental, and social well being.
1)The 24x7 teleconsultation services help employees get quality doctor consultations
2)The Employee Assistance programs(EAP)help employees with mental wellness, adopting a healthy lifestyle, achieving work life balance, and taking charge of their self-development.
3)Gamification enables a fun-filled approach to an individual's health and wellness, thereby improving participation.
4)Innovative preventive health check-up programs help corporates eliminate waste by adopting a tailor made approach and delivering proactive care to minimize the health risks.
5)The holistic family health subscription helps employees get free outpatient consultations at top hospitals, pharmacy benefits, dental treatment, Fitness, and other OPD health benefits.
6)Digital clinics at the workplace showcase the corporate's commitment to their employees' health and well being. It helps employees check vitals, get video consultations with doctors/dieticians/psychologists, and get concierge support for other healthcare needs, including medicines, diagnostics, homecare, and other health appointments.
7)And lastly, DocOnline offers wellness programs, both onsite and offsite, which promote a wellness culture.

The award-winning Rural programs have proven to be excellent solutions for taking quality health to everyone everywhere. DocOnline offers fully integrated e-clinics, mobile clinics, and other assisted telemedicine models, enabling corporates to build cost effective and quality CSR Programs.

In partnership with Vedanta & Anil Agarwal Foundation, DocOnline introduced the Clinic on Two Wheels model in 2021. Within 11 months, the project scaled to 600 villages helping around 25 lakh villagers and delivering over 1.5 lakh doctor consultations. Managed by dedicated lady nurses who visit villages to provide quality healthcare, including video GP & specialist consultation, point-of-care diagnostic tests, and medicines. 70 percent of beneficiaries are women, in contrast with the predominance of men using the health care system.

Working in pursuit of their purpose, DocOnline will be introducing care management solutions for Chronic disease, embracing connected care, AI-driven technologies, and predictive analysis for improved patient outcomes.