Dermarex HealthCare: One of the Largest Provider of Dermatology, Cosmetic & Cardio-Diabetic Products across Indian Market

Girish V Nair,Managing Director
Girish V Nair, Director

Over the last Diabetic years, Dermatology segment in Indian Pharmaceutical Market has witnessed a swift sales growth of 17.5 percent in the domestic pharma retail market. Incepting its supply of pharmaceutical products with only Dermatology oriented products in 2006; Dermarex HealthCare India Pvt. Ltd. gradually plunged into Cosmetology, Trichology, GP & Cardio diabetic divisions.

Dermarex presently provides 66 products through leading state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Besides, ensuring WHO-GMP & ISO certifications, the firm cross-checks every product for quality across their lab reports followed by a quality check by Government, as well as at its warehouse.

International Associations
Dermarex has managed to grow significantly through numerous opportunities of associating with
exclusive brands across the global market. Girish V Nair, Director, Dermarex, elucidates, “We ascertain that our eminent doctors are connected over the right platform to create exceptionally good medicines, while we launch various products acquired from reputed international brands”. For instance, Sederma manufactures a skin lightening product comprising unique actives such as Diacetyl Boldine & Belides. Dermarex has successfully obtained the grant for launch of Cosmiskin, that gives exceptional skin lightening results, across India.

"Dermarex has managed to grow significantly through numerous opportunities of associating with exclusive brands across the global market"

Phenomenal Products
Dermarex has introduced its flagship product 'Yes I Can', a unique hair dye, 100 percent free from Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) & Ammonia, in the Indian market. This hair dye is also free from Paratoluenediamine sulphate that eliminates allergies caused by PPD & Ammonia, jet black colour and stinging smell and gives instant & natural black colour. The application is simple & single application lasts for three-four weeks. It is available in 80 grams pack for a comparatively economical price. Dermarex is gaining huge tractions from brands
like Liquin cream, India’s first pH 5.5 moisturizer, with benefits of longer time usage. The firm has introduced first-to-market soap, Ketorex Bar containing Ketoconazole, Salicylic Acid and Sulphur that can treat mixed infections & inflammatory conditions. Dermarex also offers tablet like Biotimik, composed of Biotin, Calcium pantothenate, Amino acid, and many more for treating hair loss. Recently, the firm has also gained strength in Cardio-diabetic segment by introducing Diacavit capsule, a unique health supplement for people with Diabetes and other chronic ailments.

The Growth Path
Dermarex is growing with a vision of Rs.100 crores soon. The firm envisages launching more Dermatological & Cardio-diabetic products in tune with the market requirements, expanding its operations to PAN India and also exporting its products internationally. “In view of surviving in the present competitive pharmaceutical market, most of the small manufacturers produce products with minimal licensing, and hence the products get deteriorated over a span of time despite passing all quality checks. Hence, I personally recommend people to only use products with genuine branding by following the prescription given by doctors,” concludes Girish.