Deepthisoft: Solving the Key Challenges Prevailing in Indian Healthcare System

Sunil Varma,   Founder & Managing Partner

Sunil Varma

Founder & Managing Partner

In the contemporary world, with the ever increasing population, a hospital can be very stressful especially for senior citizens and children, results in losing a conventional relation between doctors and patients. Hence smart healthcare system becomes important. Founded in 2002, DeepthiSoft is driven by the mission of providing expert in Hospital Automation software projects applicable from Small Clinics to Multi/Super Specialty hospitals. Since then, they've been focusing on making partial or complete computerization of Hospital/Medical Profession along with Patient Care system with the help of EMR (Electronic Medical Records).

Founder& Managing Partner, Sunil Varma explains "The company accomplishes its customer requirements by highlighting a unique customer focused culture with a common, supportive corporate goal and objectives which results customer success and satisfaction. Recognizing the cost, risks, and outcomes by means of systems integration approach to all the problems, helps to manage complex projects effectively”.

A Robust Technology Platform
With nearly two decades of extensive experience in providing software solutions, web design and development solutions for startup to well established organizations, DeepthiSoft ensure that every project is unique. It collects every possible information in order to provide a detailed proposal and schedule within the budget and on time. Coming to the strategies of the firm, DeepthiSoft follows few practices to meet client's necessity. Analysis of client's requirements and goal relation to understanding various target audiences of the client, the firm has a rich and diverse experience in setting and gauging short mid, longterm strategic objectives,

With an intelligent end to end workflow, DeepthiSoft remarkably design its own application system and websites which assembles in designing multimedia productions(flash, audio/video streaming media, graphics, navigation etc)Content implementation (static or dynamic). DeepthiSoft has wide range of products to assure different client needs and their ongoing requirements. Medical Smart Office(MSO)is an application which helps to integrate all the HMS systems processes and machines to an intelligent information system to derive operational efficiency and assist organizations in decision making through MIS & analytics, enabling hospitals and doctors to serve patients better. Since this innovative software has excellent security of data at every level, reliable
Storage and Cloud Backup facilities, it allows for recording patient day-to-day activities like admission of IP & OP, discharge of patients, list of doctors, reports generation, HR & Payroll and more. The use of MEDICAL SMART OFFICE has broadly expanded because of the artificial business intelligence & analytics capabilities which makes it unique. also it comes at budget.

Medical Smart Office(MSO) is most effective application because of its error free and high level of comfort and convenience. Its effective search facility which Interface with BARCODE & QRCODE comes with Accessibility options follow a logical pattern makes the application unique. With the help of "Point-and-click" design, MSO is quickly adopted by medical and office staff and in few clicks it monitor the progress of Patients. "You don't have to spend months learning MSO or reading long help manuals to get started. MSO is backed with an intelligent and experienced support team who assist you from Day 1. It can be customized to your learning speed and at your convenience. Highly skilled Software Team under the constant guidance of Medical Experts", explains Sunil.

We truly believe that every client has unique requirements and our well-established process helps in providing thoroughly tailored services to our clients. Our software was built over the years by incorporating constant feedback from clients

Since Medical Smart Office is the detailed version of HMS, it promotes paperless functions in hospitals by covering all activities pertaining to Front desk, OPD, Investigations, IPD management, Operation theatre activities, Delivery room activities etc. HR management, Accounting, Store & Purchase and MIS. Through Electronic Health Record(EHR), details of patient's clinical data including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications can be maintained by the provider effortlessly. Bulk WhatsApp Message System and Transactional SMS Service became easy because of its unique features.

"We truly believe that every client has unique requirements and our well-established process helps in providing thoroughly tailored services to our clients. Our software was built over the years by incorporating constant feedback from clients", adds Sunil.

Using Fastest Bulk Marketing Software,unlimited bulk WhatsApp notification to unlimited contacts can be sent to customers or subscribers instantly and automatically. In a unique move, DeepthiSoft implements a highly efficient healthcare application, embedded with the latest features and attributes which gives the company actual track of important information and provide easy accessibility with in the Hospital premises. When it comes to doctors at Maternity Hospital and Nursing Homes, DeepthiSoft plays significant role by taking care of patient's data records with proper security and also helps to build a stronger relationship with the patients. Through the medium of modular design of product DeepthiSoft ease the process of scanning a QR code printed on the patient's prescription where it scan and pull out the necessary records within a span of 60 days.

Amid the growing number of beds in hospitals, for coming years, DeepthiSoft has plans to build a bigger brand for itself by investing in a technological upgrade in the HMS space which provides more scalable products. Furthermore, records of patients can be accessed by doctors and consultants on the move through devices with varying form factors with full privacy.