Deep Healthcare Enterprises: Patient-Centric Pharmaceutical Care for Individuals & Organizations

Sandeep Moorjani,Founder
Sandeep Moorjani,Founder

Undoubtedly, the pharmaceutical industry is a potential life-saver that occupies a prioritized seat in the healthcare system. Therefore, it’s most crucial that the industry displays a quality service that fosters maximum health benefits and related concerns. Stemming up to branch out on these lines is a retail pharmaceutical company called Deep Healthcare Enterprises(DHE)that started off in 2016, when its proprietor Sandeep Moorjani decided to pick-up from a golden handshake experience to venture into establishing one of the most promising retail pharma companies that provide excellent timely pharma-services to its customers.

“Since my background was throughout with specialty care, we know how much it takes for one single patient to be converted on treatment/therapy and to tell features, benefits and do’s and don’ts of difficult products to aid disease management,” asserts Sandeep. DHE offers a consistent business approach emphasizing on customer-connect while possessing a distinguished capacity to provide solutions at the most competitive prices for which it has received worldwide recognition and appreciation.

Prescriptions Speak the Business
With a humbled mission that revolves around earning customers trust, remaining compliant and abiding by ethical standards, DHE draws support from knowledge able industry professionals who provide successful medicine delivery demands in the form of capsules, tablets, injectables, granular and liquid. Offering door-to-door prescription -based services, the company ascertains the authenticity of the patients’ prescription and provides medicines along with a GST invoice further supplementing counseling and monthly /weekly reminders for prescribed medicines & refills to maintain patient management and adherence. “I myself am a Pharmacist which is an essential need for handling prescription based super-specialty medicine and we have all the relevant registration &drug licenses to support the function,” states Sandeep portraying bonafide customer-management services. Rheumatology, Hepatology & Oncology happen to be three major portfolios of the company in which they are presently catering the patients.

" DHE offers a consistent business approach emphasizing on customer-connect while possessing a distinguished capacity to provide solutions at the most competitive prices"

Core Offerings that Seal the Deal
DHE provides best offers and deals as offered by the company in providing its flagship products like Sofosbuvir, Daclatasvir, Velpatasvir & Ledipasvir used in treatments of hepatology &gastroenterology.It also has products for Rheumatology & gastroenterology like Golimumab, Infliximab, Etrnacept, Adlumimmab and oncology segments, along with
other healthcare products and generic medicines. DHE considers it a moral responsibility to ensure that patients receive medicines in proper conditions. For instance, a patient was to receive an injection (cold-chain product) that remains stable only for 24-48 hours via courier, but it failed to make it within the expected time. DHE took the next step of personally delivering a new-replacement after retrieving the old one, leaving a happy and satisfied customer. Additionally, it ensures convenience to customers by providing the options of card facilities and depositing payments into DHE’s account while delivering the products by courier hence ensuring the safety of both customer as well as it employees.

On-going & Future Foresights
Equipped with relevant infrastructure to accommodate its products, DHE has installed temperature control monitors at the office systems to ensure the preservation of the cold-chain products. The company that aims to launch some of its its own products shortly .Company also envisions developing international business for import and export of medicines, primarily focusing on the US, UK & other emerging markets.

Trained in ethical business, punctuality and integrity, the company’s employees strive towards maximum customer satisfaction, leading the company to progress from receiving decent revenue with a double digit growth year after year. “I would also like to thank all the stake holders who account for this success and collaborate with the government-setup and do something to increase the reach to the patients in NGOs,” reveals Sandeep.