Dawaiweb: Medicines at your Door Steps!

Sameer Bhalla, CEO ,Jay Karkar, CTO

Sameer Bhalla, CEO

Jay Karkar, CTO

Consider any space that is in isolation. Be it Online Pharmacy or eCommerce for Medicine. There is a requirement of viewing this facility/platform in a holistic manner. Because healthcare is a key segment that requires a lot of attention & improvement at this very moment. Many startups are adding their own flavors to this segment by improving the infrastructure and most importantly providing easy access to people across India. This includes advertising, doctor’s appointment, promotion, medical coding & billing among others. Dawaiweb, a subsidiary of Healthintel, an online pharmacy startup is adding its own spark in the healthcare segment by delivering medicines at patient’s door steps.

Their application platform at present is rocking the healthcare industry. Unique in their approach, the company does not believe in delivering low-cost services to patients/customers. Instead, they rely on fulfilling overall healthcare needs of the particular patient population. Explicating on the same, Sameer Bhalla, CEO, Healthintel speaks,“We are not a single player in this space today. A lot of startups are mushrooming.
Therefore, our business model is completely different from the rest. Since we are a no-loss company, our free ePrescription platform for doctors solves the puzzle here and quick delivery of medicines for both chronic & non-chronic patients does the trick. Our customers are always loyal to us because of our systematic approach. This is the core essence of any business today; ‘loyal customer’s means guaranteed returns’. In addition to this, we provide SMS alerts, great discounts, good customer support, and easy return policies. Most important of all, since we are a licensed pharmacist, we procure medicines that are specifically prescribed by the doctors, unlike other online pharmacies in the space that rely on local stores/retail pharmacies.”

Dawaiweb unique in their approach don’t believe in delivering low-cost services to customers. Instead, they rely on fulfilling overall healthcare needs of the particular patient population

Care you Need, Convenience that Matters.
Dawaiweb’s application offers multiple features that are simple to acess and provides a great user interface. In addition to this, they use other communication platforms to reach out to their customers. So, application wise, from managing patient’s health records such as lab reports, prescriptions, bills and scanned
reports. The patient can keep a track of everything all under one roof, for free. Not to forget the ePrescription application platform that has been fine-tuned to appointment management systems and billing systems. This provides doctors the flexibility to effectively manage patient’s records. Also,1 lakh product inventory listed on their platform enhances patient’s to appropriately choose a wide variety of medicines at a discounted price depending on the loyalty of the customer.

The most attractive feature is the lab services that they offer to the customers. “We have tied up with multiple labs, where the lab test is available on our application itself. That is, the same patient can now complete the whole circumvent of going to a doctor, take medicine, get a lab test done all from a single platform,” avers Sameer.

Based in Noida, Dawaiweb has offices in Meerut, Ghaziabad, and South Delhi. Explaining the roadmap ahead Jay Karkar, CTO, Healthintel, says “Since we are already into technology space, we want to spread our reach across India by collecting some meaningful data insights to make sure people’s life becomes simpler. The Second aspect is the health insurance part, in terms of OPD outpatient department, even on medicines. Because it is essentially required in India to streamline healthcare, as healthcare today is expensive, and our data analytics could revolutionize the industry.” Further, Sameer concludes “In the next 18 months, we’ll be expanding our footprint across India. The journey of us becoming an integrated health player is very near.”