DARD: The Ortho & Cancer Pain Management Centre

Dr. Ravi Khatri,Director
Dr. Ravi Khatri, Director

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic pain affects 30 percent of adult population, about 20-25 percent of which is from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) affecting joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves while back pain accounts for another 25-30 percent. Despite being the biggest health concern that India is facing, much more than the burden of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined, this outbreak of pain doesn’t get the attention it deserves. People decide to live with it until they are at the very last stage of pain, when it becomes quite difficult for the doctors to manage them in short-period.

Reinforcing people’s faith in pain clinics by offering the best and advanced medical Pain Management services is DARD, a pain management centre that treats patients grappling with the pain of Cancer, Spine, Joints and facial, frozen shoulder, cervical, tennis elbow, headache and chronic pains. By adopting advanced and certified medicinal technology, this well-equipped
centre suggests, advises and treats patients suffering from chronic pains (suffering from pain for more than two months), failed surgical pains and pain that fails to respond to routine treatments.

"Keeping in mind the safety of patients, we have safest machines with low radiation techniques & has high-quality monitor to check the vitals of patients during & after the procedure"

Of the Best, By the Best
DARD was founded in 2017 by Dr. Ravi Khatri (Director), a renowned Pain Physician & Anesthesiologist, and an expert in latest Interventional techniques, who treats all types of pain. Established itself as a leading & advanced centre in Pain Management within just two years, the centre boasts of its expert team of pain specialist, orthopedic, physiotherapist, psychologist and many more who work 24×7 under one roof to relieve patients from that unpleasant experience of pain. Alongside, having a panel of medical consultants from different corners of India has assisted (whenever required) to solve around 300 spine pain, 30 Endoscopic Discectomy cases, 200 PRP cases and several cancer pain cases within such a short span.

DARD also holds sway when it comes to leveraging latest technologies like Endoscopic Discectomy, Radio frequency Ablation Technology, Ritz Catheter, Spinal cord stimulator (for back
slip disc, sciatica, pre-laminectomy or post- laminectomy syndrome), physiotherapy machine, PRP therapy, Ozone therapy, and Prolo therapy. The centre also uses all C-ARM guided and USG guided procedure for cancer pain, back and joint pain management. “Keeping in mind the safety of patients, we have safest machines with low radiation techniques & high-quality monitor to check the vitals of patients during & after the procedure. We implement all techniques for pain from head to toe with all diagnostic modalities at the centre,” asserts Dr. Ravi.

Making Patients’ Lives Better
The centre works with The Royal Orthopedic Hospital & Sports Injury Centre, a super specialty Hospital which has further tie-up & association with almost all TPAs, various insurance companies and Rajasthan State Govt. Schemes for Employees & Pensioners and BSBY Schemes. “With experience and skills, coupled with dedication and hard work, we are committed to earn the trust and confidence of more and more patients. We are going to conduct various CMEs and workshops for providing training to the medical students of pain management,” says Dr. Ravi. No wonder, it has been receiving NRI patients as well from South Africa, Canada & several other countries and envisions spreading its wings worldwide with a longstanding goal to extend the centre and its expertise.