Comedz: Most Prudent Substitute Search Engine - Online Pharmacy Platform

Srihari Arige,Founder The online pharmacy startups in India are adhering to unique business models to keep up with the burgeoning competition. As the saying goes - what you lose from one hand, you gain with the other. Well, most online pharmacies have embraced this model by giving huge discounts to customers from their own pocket and are delivering medicines to customers from a local distributor/local pharmacy stores. Here, once the brand is established through this model these online pharmacies will later escalate their business by setting upware houses thereby taking the platform to a whole new level. The second types are those who own warehouses and are licensed to deliver medicines directly to the customers based on doctor’s prescription. Both are said to have its reciprocation in terms of benefits and marketability.

One company that is anamalgamation of both these
models is COMEDZ, an online pharmacy based in Hyderabad offering comprehensive services to both patients as well as the local retail pharmacy shops. Their IT function supports multiple business models for sustainability. Also, their substitute search engine platform is robust and best of its kind when compared to other competitors in the market. In addition to this, their product catalog data consists of more than 80,000 types of medicines and their marketing strategies/business models are very innovative and are said to mutually benefit the customers.

COMEDZ platform gives special discounts to diabetic care,chronic illness Medicare, nutrition, mother & child care, and ayurvedic products

Transforming Local Pharmacy Stores into Online Pharmacy!
Srihari Arige, the brain behind COMEDZ belonged to a pharmaceutical family background and during his childhood days,he was found helping his family business in the local pharmacy stores on a regular basis. As time progressed, he got into software development space and acquired20+ years of experience
in this domain. In 2015, while working in a software stint, he noticed a huge scope in the online pharmacy space. Henceforth focusing on developing a robust platform for the next 6-8 months, he created a substitute database model providing easy access to customers. Hence, COMEDZ was born! “Most online pharmacies at present target only the metro cities. What about the famous pharmacy stores in tier 2& tier 3 cities, they also need to have an online presence someday. So, we started getting established pharmacy stores onto our platform across India by giving their own domain names through hour platform and have enhanced their business and preserved their brand online,” speaks Srihari.

COMEDZ’s platform offers a wide range of products and services. Their platform gives special discounts to diabetic care. Secondly, the priority is given to nutrition and daily commodity including mother & child care, ayurvedic products, and others.“We want to add value in everything that we do at this very moment. I understand the concern of both customers as well as the pharmacy stores. Quick delivery, great discounts for chronic medicines, substitute medicines at a cost effective price is what keeps the ball rolling. However, in the near future we will be collaborating with doctors, making our platform a one-stop-shop destination,” concludes Srihari.