Center Of Wellness Adapted Hijama Therapy: Balanced & Harmonious Approach to Healing & Well-being

  Dr. Mohammed Waseem Sajid,    FounderHijama, an ancient therapy with a history spanning centuries, attracts seekers of natural remedies and holistic well-being. Derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘sucking’, hijama involves the controlled application of suction cups on specific body points to promote healing and detoxification. This technique aims to draw out toxins and impurities, stimulate blood flow, and restore balance to the body's energy pathways. Center of Wellness Adapted Hijama Therapy (CWAHT), a Bengaluru-based ISO-certified holistic health center registered under the government of Karnataka, offers hijama services for various physical and mental ailments.

CWAHT adapts the hijama technique to suit the needs and preferences of each client using different types of cups, oils, herbs, and pressure levels. CWAHT embraces the latest technologies and methodologies to enhance the effectiveness of its holistic healing treatments. The wellness center utilizes advanced tools such as blood circulation machines, heat cupping therapy, magnetic cupping, facial cupping, sports massage equipment, chiropractic treatment tools, laser therapy, facial dermatology, and suction machines. These modern techniques, combined with the wisdom of traditional practices, ensure that clients receive the most comprehensive and effective treatments available. Besides hijama, CWAHT provides chiropractic treatment, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) scraping technique, and other natural healing methods. The wellness center also offers complementary services such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, and nutrition counseling.

CWAHT’s journey began in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize the nature of how people
perceive and experience healthcare. “Driven by a passion for holistic healing, we wanted to offer a comprehensive approach to wellness by blending ancient wisdom with modern techniques”, says CWAHT’s Founder, Dr. Mohammed Waseem Sajid, M.D. in alternative medicines, Dip. H.T., Dip.Chiro(United Kingdom) and honorary doctorate from Vishwakarma Voc-University.

CWAHT focuses on auxiliary care, ensuring patients feel comfortable throughout their treatment journey. By conducting a comprehensive full body checkup before initiating any treatment, CWAHT empowers individuals to take right decisions about their health. Moreover, CWAHT emphasizes friendly behavior, politeness,hygiene, and safe interactions to create a warm and trusting environment. The wellness center also educates patients about holistic medicine and procedures, fostering stronger relationships built on trust and understanding.

Client comfort is of utmost importance at CWAHT. “We have thoughtfully furnished the reception area to create a comfortable zone, setting the tone for a soothing experience. To further enhance privacy and convenience, we provide separate male and female sterilization treatment rooms”, explains Dr. Sajid. CWAHT also extends its services beyond the clinic walls by offering home visits with all safety precautions, ensuring clients can receive holistic healing treatments in the comfort of their homes.

The success of CWAHT can be attributed to the expertise and experience of its medical and expert staff. Internationally certified practitioners are an integral part of the holistic healing system, ensuring the services provided are of the highest standard. With an effective professional approach, CWAHT has garnered a loyal clientele, including Indian and international patients. The wellness center has successfully treated a wide range of conditions, including neck, shoulder, knee, and leg pain, upper back issues, lower back discomfort, varicose veins, headaches, hair loss, skin diseases, PCOD/PCOS, general detoxification, thyroid conditions, and chiropractic concerns.

With over 2,000 clinical patient records and more than 700 international client records, CWAHT has consistently received positive feedback and reviews, with a Google rating of 4.9 stars. Video recording feedback from more than 200 patients further exemplifies clients’ trust and satisfaction. “Through our comprehensive treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to client comfort and confidentiality, we shall continue to pave the way for a balanced and harmonious approach to well-being”, concludes Dr. Sajid.