Care4Parents: Offer Primary Healthcare to Elders With the Help Of Technology at Your Door

Dr. Aman Khera & Shuchita Gupta,Co-FoundersThe health of aging parents has always been a concern for children living abroad or in other cities. Also, it’s a known fact that most of the elderly population tends to overlook their basic health requirements. They may not monitor their health due to ignorance, lack of resources, or maybe they are confused about where to go and whom to consult. In case of hospitalization, there may be no or incomplete information regarding the patient’s medical condition, previous reports, prescriptions, and medicines taken by them. In this Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is afraid to step out of their houses to visit a doctor. People, irrespective of age, are exploring options to maintain their health online with video consultations and are happy to avail of at home services. The eldercare market in India is flourishing, with several companies offering at home services from daily care, diagnostics to postoperative rehabilitation. The latest entrant is Care4Parents. Debuted in 2020, the brainchild of Dr. Aman Khera and Shuchita Gupta is a one stop destination in offering primary health care to elders with the help of technology.

"C4P strives to alleviate the continual anxiety that lingers in the thoughts of NRIs with ageing parents back home in India by offering family like help for the minor and large needs of the elderly parents in India"

Promising Health Care Services
Care4Parents is an extended family of aging parents who stay alone. The Delhi-based startups forte lies in offering specialized services, including ongoing monitoring of the health status that prevents complications, early diagnosis of life threatening diseases, and reduces sudden hospitalizations. C4P has assisted its customers in offering services, including 12hr/24hr nurse/attendant, physiotherapy at home, medicine delivery, sample collection at home, vaccination at home, and covid & post covid care. It also provides monthly recordings and analysis of vital parameters through an at home device consisting of blood pressure, blood sugar, SpO2, temperature, and ECG.
All the readings, including graphs, are available on the digital platform to compare month-to-month. This tool is helping to track health data and calming the children of the elders, who are miles away from them.

Proper health monitoring and regular preventive health checks can help senior citizens to monitor their health and take corrective actions in time to prevent emergencies

Care4Parents's digital platform maintains the medical history online of the elderly, stores the medical records allows for real time access to children in a different city/country and doctors in case of a medical emergency. C4P's inhouse doctor and customer care person calls the customers once in 15 days/month, depending upon the customers' medical condition to understand their health status, prescribe a health calendar, assist with appointments, and more. Post the expert consultation, the in-house team ensures that the customer has understood the prescribed course of action, is adhering to the medicine routine, and is aware of the follow-up appointments. Its manager Fast

track services at hospitals during physical visits, helping in hospital processes with tie-up partners. "Proper health monitoring and regular preventive health checks can help senior citizens to monitor their health and take corrective actions in time to prevent emergencies. Technology is helping us to monitor the health status of the citizens far and wide with out the senior visiting the doctor unless required," says Dr. Aman Khera, Co-founder & Director, Care4Parents.

Shuchita Gupta, Co-Founder & Director
Like any other startup, C4P too faced several challenges but finding the right team, everyone coming to the office, meeting investors virtually were the toughest ones, especially during Covid time. As fortune favors the bold, they over come these glitches and spread its presence nationwide with the help of its partner hospitals and healthcare institutions. Currently, C4P is in talks with RWAs, corporates, senior citizen associations, NRI associations, and more for bulk enrolment of their members and hopes that technology for primary healthcare and electronic health records will become a way of life.