Care24: Right Care at the Convenience of Home

Garima Tripathi, Co-Founders,Vipin Pathak , Co-Founders

Garima Tripathi, Co-Founders

Vipin Pathak , Co-Founders

With a dedicated team of 3000+ medical professionals serving across Mumbai, including Thane and Navi Mumbai, as well as Delhi-NCR, Care24 aims to transform how medical expertise is delivered to home-bound and chronic patients in India.

Growing up in a country like India, where living in joint families is a common phenomenon, we never really had to worry about ‘leaving’. However, with a gradual shift towards nuclear families, and children going away to pursue higher education and lucrative jobs, parents (especially those growing old) are often at a loss when faced with any health issue. Helplessly, more often than not, they turn to the domestic help, who may not be a very reliable source of care.

This is what caught the attention of the founders of Care24. The company observed the lacuna that exists when it comes to providing quality healthcare at home, and came into being to create hospital at home wherein the standards are that of a world class hospital but it is in the comfort of one’s home. Established in December 2014 by IIT alumni Vipin, Abhishek and
Garima,Care24 is one of India’s first few venture backed start-ups in the home healthcare space. A Mumbai-based venture, Care24 aims to provide the best of hospital-based healthcare services to patients without having to move them from the comfort of their homes with the power of technology and good quality of healthcare professionals.

Since its inception, Care24 has successfully helped 20,000-plus patients heal at home, with its network of nurses, physiotherapists and attendants

Since its inception, Care24 has successfully helped 20,000-plus patients heal at home, with its network of nurses, physiotherapists and attendants. The company offers world-class medical care at home with 100-percent background-verified caregivers. Services include nurses (ANM, GNM and B.Sc. qualified), attendants, physiotherapists, nutritional guidance, pregnancy care and infant care, cancer care and palliative care. As patients need the continuity of care at home to recover physically,mentally, psychologically and emotionally fast with ease and comfort Care24 acts as an extended arm for the hospitals at their homes.

Accessible Care to All

Providing a one-point solution for patient care services at home,Care24 stands out with their
training programmes and focus on driving in-depth services in the markets the company operates in.“Our training programmes add value to the semi-skilled workforce, enhance the quality of their work and help them earn higher pay. The core idea is to leverage technology to track the caregivers and enforce a stringent feedback system that ensures high quality patient care,” says Garima.

Care24’s offerings include 12- and 24-hour home care support for Post Surgery Cases, Elderly Care, Post Stroke Rehab, Medical Nursing at Home and Palliative care for cancer patients. The company offers mobile app for Caregivers which is used by the nurses, attendants and physiotherapists in patient servicing, receiving service and payment information, and communicate with stakeholders. Each and every caregiver undergoes intensive professional training before serving the patients. Highly qualified Physiotherapists (BPTh, MPTh), Nutritionists and Counselors with 3+ years of experience are available for advice and treatment. The company has also launched premium caregiver’s service to cater to special needs of the patients – Stroke Care, Cancer Care, Dementia & Alzheimer’s care and Infant Care. They are trained for soft skills and helping patients improve their quality of life.

“We kick-started operations in Delhi earlier this year, and plan to follow it up to at least two other cities by the end of this year. We plan to enter the markets of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad,”saysGarima.