Care Synergist: Pioneering Home Healthcare Industry

DR. Karthik N. Ramakrishnan,   Founder & Chief Operation Officer

DR. Karthik N. Ramakrishnan
Founder & Chief Operation Officer

The healthcare industry has been making efforts to improve the efficiency, affordability and most importantly, the availability of services. Lots of changes have occurred in the past few years as a result of this drive. There has been a decrease in hospital admissions as more people are served through outpatient care. With a population of 1.25 billion India not only requires an effective and easily accessible health care system but also one which can deliver health care facilities to the masses in remote areas of the country as well as to the robustly growing cities at low costs. As the Founder & Chief Operation Officer, Dr. Karthik N. Ramakrishnan rightly puts, “Patient should not chase care, instead the care should chase the patient”. In the face of a yawning gap between the demand for health care facilities by a growing population and the supply by the providers, Care Synergist,a technology company headquarter in Virginia, USA and with operations in India and Africa was created to serve patients who need the most assistance in resource constrained environments.

Care Synergist is a technology-enabled home health network company supported by a team of trained and verified healthcare professionals. Being a one-stop solution provider that understands the needs in home health, Care Synergist delivers the best and timely care. The company’s unique strategy focuses on care delivery, a healthcare delivery system in the form of an app for home healthcare. The mobile app empowers patients and their families to request for care on demand without having to wait over a phone call. It reduces the intermediaries and lapse in time, thus giving the patients faster delivery of care, timely response based on priority of request and the clinical condition of the patient.

Care Synergist is a customer-centric organization with a mission to optimize patient care through technology. Synergy between evolving technologies and healthcare allows Care Synergist to connect patients and their families with the care providers. The team utilizes clinical expertise to identify the unmet needs of patients, gaps in the delivery of care and blend these with solutions today’s technologies can offer. The focus is to improve the delivery of care to patients and improve efficiency. The organization aims to bring the
needs of patients closer to the clinicians. More so, the platform was created keeping in mind the generation that fits a major quadrant of the healthcare sector. To be specific, an industry like healthcare is hugely governed by senior administrators. Given the age group that it follows, chances are, technology will not be as warmly welcomed as it should be. There fore, Care Synergist designed the application to be highly user centric and friendly. “We thought, let’s build a platform that is easy to use and adopt for all age groups, levels and geography”, adds Karthik.

"Being a one-stop solution provider that understands the needs in home health, Care Synergist delivers the best and timely care"

Navigator of Care
Before digital transformation, society knew some thing called the yellow pages for their requirements and enquiries. With digital transformation sweeping every industry off its traditional facade, a lot of enquiries are now being sourced from smartphones. Digital has made a great impact on healthcare services. Though a good number of products in the market address patients’ healthcare needs, they do only so much to bridge the appointment requirements and report filings. Care Synergist, however, sits strongly in the market as not only a coordinator of care but as a navigator of the same. Care Synergist helps patients reach their care. “We are a one-of-a-kind solution provider that aims at empowering the patient to self report from the comfort of their home and receive care without the hassle of having to wait over multiple phone calls to multiple service providers”, adds Dr.Parag Bharadwaj, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Care Synergist.

Healthcare Relationship via QLIFE
QLIFE by Care Synergist is a web and mobile based app platform that empowers patients and their families to request for care on demand. Patients and their caregivers can make requests directly to their provider using this home health scheduling software. The app’s practical design enables ease of access while submitting a request even in times of urgent situations. Furthermore, post care symptoms can be recorded, enabling the medical professionals to track and initiate preventive care, before the condition aggravates. This promotes patient satisfaction in healthcare. This allows the care team to manage the requests placed by patients in real-time. Based on the current medical situation reported by the patient as well as the medical history of the patient, the medical professional prioritizes the request and assigns the delivery of care in the quickest time possible. Post care, the medical professionals can monitor the medical condition of the patients. If the recorded symptoms show any signs of flaring up,
preventive care can be triggered and treatment can be provided before the situation worsens. Apart from tracking the patients, the home health scheduling software can record the performance of the medical professionals. This leads to efficiency in the staff and any bottle necks in the system can be identified and resolved. Staffing resources are also appropriately allocated based on patient requests and this results in effectively reducing the total cost of care.

Moreover, the timely delivery of services is ensured through a triage system that prioritizes the time and criticality of the request. Care Synergist uses the ESAS tool, which provides a clinical profile of symptom severity over time. This tool is inbuilt in the patient app and aids in reporting symptoms to the care team. Patient symptoms can be monitored by the clinical team in real time allowing the clinical teams to be proactive and avoid crises for the patient. Unavailability of trained resources and flexibility in timings are two major challenges that Care Synergist’s customers have faced in the past. QLIFE has partnered with multiple service providers, who enable them to provide clients with flexibility on preferred service timings. All Care Synergist’s partners are verified thus maintaining utmost standard of service.

Care Synergist is taking giant strides to make sure healthcare reaches every household and every segment of the society. The company has been actively doing their fair share of research and developments in this domain. In May, Karthik is preparing to present a research study paper at the International congress of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) in Berlin. Having been recognized as the technology partner by the global palliative care platform–Palliative Care Network(PCN), Care Synergist has just begun to transform the care delivery of our country. Rest assured, there are more promising innovations in the years to come.

Benefits of QLIFE
At Patient End
•Easy to use interface
•Direct call option to the provider for individuals who aren’t tech savvy
•Request for callback based on expected response time
•Uninterrupted access to trained care providers
•Patient self-reporting of symptoms

At Operation End
•Prioritizing callback based on current clinical condition and patient’s medical history
•Dashboard with live operations and key performance indicators to assist in informed decision making
•Assigning callback or home visit depending on the requirement
•Helps improve team efficiency and on-time delivery of care to patients
•Assists with demand trends along with corresponding staffing