Bumpadum: A Sustainable Protection for Your Little One

Anuradha Rao, Founder

Anuradha Rao, Founder

Anuradha Rao was determined to raise her daughter on the lines of modern life styles’ comfort & convenience, and what better than disposable diapers that guarantee no leaks and easy disposal? However, seeing the ever-growing pile of reject waste generated by her baby everyday got her thinking about the ecological impact of these diapers. As per Environmental Protection Agency, in U.S. alone about 20 billion non-biodegradable disposable diapers are used, accounting for more than 3.5 million tonnes of waste. Laced with chemicals, these disposable diapers pose a threat to humans and environmental sustainability, remaining in landfills without disintegrating for hundreds of years. The thought that using disposables for her daughter would mean generating 1.2 tonnes of garbage over three years was a wake-up call for Anuradha. This realization prompted her to found Bumpadum, the first Indian company to make feel-dry, chemical-free, leak-proof & reusable cloth diapers that offer babies the comfort of cloth and the convenience of disposable
diapers. With prints that ooze cuteness and charm, Bumpadum makes diapering not just convenient, but fun too.

Care & Sustainability
Bumpadum ensures best of care for little ones by deploying the best quality of products, materials, and workmanship. Made from the most absorbent natural fabric -hemp, its one-sized Duet diapers cater to babies ranging from three months to three years old, weighing from 5–15kg. Its unique feel-dry fabric ensures the baby doesn't feel any wetness. The diapers can be used over 150 times under proper care, making these cloth diapers up to 60 percent more economical than disposable diapers. The company's Aviva line of diapers is made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified pure organic cotton and is much appreciated by parents.

"This Omnipresence helps us serve our customers with the quickest turn around time and seek valuable feedback from them"

Bumpadum makes an array of diapering products, including newborn diapers and complementary products like waterproof bags and clutches for storage when outdoors. All products are approved by U.S.’ CPSIA norms, which assures parents of the high standards of manufacturing maintained by Bumpadum. Anuradha explains, “Our products and the materials used to make them are on par with international brands. Sourcing
most raw materials locally allows us better quality control, also reducing the carbon footprint”. The company is focused on increasing local employment opportunities while ensuring fair wages and dignity of labour.

Unparalleled Customer Care
Bumpadum's team offers extensive customer support through its presence on all social media platforms, handholding parents on using their products successfully. The company’s in-house chatbot ensures 24x7 availability for customers. “This omnipresence helps us serve our customers with the quickest turnaround time and seek valuable feedback from them. Our customers are an integral part of the Bumpadum's family and invested in our success!” adds Anuradha.

Selling on two platforms, Bumpadum's website and Amazon, the company typically ensures delivery within five working days. The one-year warranty it offers on all products, speaks volumes about the company’s confidence in its manufacturing mantra and the QA. Having received a high-demand for cloth menstrual pads for women, Bumpadum has also forayed into feminine hygiene products under the brand name Bhoomi. With a threefold growth rate between years one & two, Bumpadum is concentrated on ramping-up its distribution chain in India and is set-out to build a comprehensive retail network country-wide.