Brainchild Rehab Centre: Built for Effective Personalised Treatment to Special Children

Dr.L. Vishnu,  Founder

Dr.L. Vishnu


Children with special needs require expert care and sensitivity from their caregivers to achieve their full potential. While parents try to provide everything possible, it may not be enough, as expert technical skills are crucial when helping such children. Brainchild Rehab Centre, established exclusively for providing such services, offers this specialised care to all children with special needs as well as other individuals with impairments, and they do it with great compassion. Having its base in Tamil Nadu, the centre was established in 2016 and consists of a team of highly skilled doctors and therapists who have dedicated themselves to help children in their overall development.

Offering a bunch of different services, this dedicated team of individuals works tirelessly with all the children with special needs in every aspect of their being, including a targeted focus on developing their emotional skills, motor skills as well as social skills. By employing a holistic approach of treating the child, and not merely on one aspect of the development, they are able to create individuals who can realize their fullest potential. This helps the children to lead a complete and happy life.

‘Bend the twig, bend the tree’ — is the mantra on which Brainchild Rehab Centre functions. “For all the clinical conditions, there will be a golden period to treat and achieve the maximum level of enhancement, we call it the ‘Early intervention.’ We have trust in it and follow that in our centre,” says Vishnu L, Founder, Brainchild Rehab Centre.

Therapies and Services
Catering to the needs of the special children
as well as the impaired adults, Brainchild Rehab Centre provides various exclusive and focused services that are needed for their betterment. Among their various specialised services are Occupational Therapy, Speech, and Language Therapy, Child Physiotherapy, In-house Clinical Psychologist Therapy, Applied Behaviour Therapy, Special Education, Autism Treatment, and Parent and Child Counselling Services structured for children; and Physiotherapy for Paralysis, Special education for Learning Disability, and Rehabilitation for Disabled Adult individuals as well.

Catering to the needs of the special children as well as the impaired adults, Brainchild Rehab Centre provides various exclusive and focused services that are needed for their betterment

By providing Parent and Child counselling sessions, the therapists enable and encourage parents to accept their children as they are, and create a more transparent and compassionate environment where parents and children are able to reconnect. Through expert counselling, parents are able to better understand their children and develop a more compassionate approach towards them.

Within these heads and categories, the centre provides complete treatments of every kind. Despite being a challenging field, Brainchild Rehab Centre has been able to establish itself as a multi-specialty centre for various types of treatment, all provided expertly. The multi-specialty expertise, state-of-the-art equipment and a Snoezelen Room (multi-sensory room) are some of the factors that set Brainchild Rehab Centre apart from other similar establishments.

Future Plans
With noble visions in sight, Brainchild Rehab Centre is planning to expand its services further with the inclusion of a Neuro-feedback Therapy, especially to give life to Autistic and ADHD children. The centre has plans to start a Hand Rehabilitation Centre, and Splinting Unit at the base centre. There are plans in the pipeline to expand its services in nearby districts, starting with Coimbatore and Erode, where establishing a Hearing Aid and Speech Therapy Centre, and Pediatric and Adult Neuro Therapy Centre is envisioned.

Having years of experience in child rehabilitation services, Brainchild Rehab Centre has risen as one of the most reliable and futuristic centres in the State where children are provided a safe space to express, learn and grow. “Brainchild Rehab Centre believes that special children and people with special needs and impairment should be cherished and respected. Our motto is to provide the highest quality of various rehabilitation services and to ensure that each person and child achieve the maximum recovery from their impairment and challenges”, proudly says Vishnu L.