BPRL: A Brand Committed to Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the People

Jaya Prakash Mady,   DirectorThe herbal and nutraceutical industry in India is expanding as people become more aware of the dangers of chemical formulations and the health benefits of herbal supplements over synthetic ones. Furthermore, as disposable income rises and plant-based extracts gain popularity, customer preferences in India are evolving toward safe and natural products.

Leveraging decades of unparalleled experience Bangalore Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratory(BPRL)has been on a relentless quest of excellence in manufacturing and marketing evidence based pharmaceutical products. BPRL is well known for producing high quality ayurvedic, herbal and nutraceutical products. Today, BPRL is a well-known name among South Indian Ayurveda enterprises. BPRL is dedicated to the identification, development, manufacture, and commercialization of medicinal plant derived products for use in healthcare.

"Our ayurveda expertise is supported with manufacturing and marketing expertise, allowing us to apply Ayurvedic science to create time tested solutions with measurable outcomes.The secret to our success is research, which includes screening medicinal plants for pharmacological benefits, identifying novel active principles and developing and producing Ayurveda formulations utilizing modern standardization techniques”, says J.P. Mady, Director at BPRL.

A Commitment Towards Quality
BPRL, a professionally managed pharmaceutical firm, is dedicated to the research and manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical formulations using
innovative technologies while adhering to the most recent cGMP regulations, which are constantly updated to meet worldwide standards. The company's Super specialty division provides strong marketing support for groundbreaking Oncology drugs. The Division operates throughout India, with a dedicated team of management and field personnel. The products are marketed in Indian states and have built decades of trust in the Oncology range of medications and supportive therapies for oncology.

“The secret to our success is research, which includes screening medicinal plants for pharmacological benefits, identifying novel active principles, and developing and producing ayurveda formulations utilizing modern standardization techniques

BPRLs Herbal and Nutraceutical manufacturing plant is situated amid lush green surroundings, on 4.3 acres of land, with no other manufacturing industries nearby. The three tier production facility is built in accordance with WHO and international cGMP norms. The manufacturing plant at BPRL is well-equipped and designed for the production of uncoated, film coated, and sugar coated tablets, hard gelatin capsules, churnas (powders), and herbal nutraceuticals.

A Positive Growth Trajectory
Bangalore Pharmaceutical and Research Laboratory Private Limited (BPRL) began operations in 1957 with the intention of achieving 'Excellence in Quality' in the pharmaceutical industry. In 1987 BPRL established Recon Limited which was the marketing arm of the company. The company rose to fame for introducing highquality products that were affordable to the average person. Recon had used its experience to launch products in a wide range of therapeutic specialties over the years and was listed in Mumbai stock exchange in 1995. In 1997 the sterile injectable facility was commissioned. Recon Limited was renamed as Wintac Limited in 2000. In the year 2005 BPRL acquired Sagar Pharma along with the Oncology brands of Biological Evans.

The sterile facility, Wintac limited received its French AFSAPS approval in 2006 followed by USFDA approval in 2009. In 2017 Wintac started commercials supplies to the US market with its strategic partner Gavis Pharma LLC. In 2020 BPRL monetized its stake in Wintac limited and set up its state of the art Herbal and Nutraceutical manufacturing company. The plant was commissioned in 2021.

"We want to be acknowledged as a trustworthy partner in the production and marketing of numerous pharmaceutical specialties. We excite and inspire our employees, recognise and reinforce their efforts, and imagine, engage, and empower them. We are committed to meeting people's healthcare requirements while adhering to international quality, skill, competency, and customer orientation standards” concludes J. P. Mady.