Bluecube Architects: Redefining Design Excellence in Healthcare & Beyond with Healing Architecture Approach

Ar. Harish G,Principal Architect

Ar. Harish G

Principal Architect

In an age where healthcare facilities increasingly mirror the comfort and sophistication of a luxury hotel, the line between the two worlds is becoming increasingly blurred. At the forefront of this revolution, Bluecube Architects believes that the evolution of design is as vital as the final product itself. The firm's ethos centers around creating designs that seamlessly blend bespoke styles tailored to specific client needs.

Bluecube Architects has been making waves in the architectural world for over two decades, with its headquarters in Chennai. Guided by principal architect Ar. Harish G and a team of exceptionally talented designers with an eye for intricate details, this firm is passionate about redefining the boundaries of architecture and interior design.

"Bluecube, founded in 2000, is fueled by advanced construction, security, and healthcare interior techniques. Strong R&D and market research are the driving forces behind our strategy aiming to create buildings that heal and rejuvenate; we term this approach 'Healing Architecture'. Embracing biophilic designs, our buildings harmonize people, nature, and structures, extending nature's influence. Our focus is to create inventive and enduring spaces for retail customization or crafting timeless homes", says Ar. Harish G, Principal Architect, Bluecube.

Specialized Professionals
Bluecube has a unique organizational structure; it maintains distinct divisions for design, development, execution, visualization, and engineering.
Each division comprises highly specialized professionals dedicated to their respective roles, ensuring the effective management of specific aspects. Bluecube Architects proudly embraces a diverse range of architectural projects, including healthcare and hospitality, industry and warehouse facilities, commercial ventures, container structures, and more.

"We're the leading container architecture firm, specializing in unique prototypes for each project. Our process begins with rigorous R&D, ensuring well-planned designs and execution. From detailed 3D models to mock-ups, we establish a strong foundation before production. Our esteemed clients, include MGM Hospitals, Chettinad Hospital, Sakthi Masala, YM studio of AR.Rahman, KM Music School, NAC Jewellery, VGN promotors bespoke boutique residence, educational institutions", added Harish.

Moreover, client engagement is a cornerstone of Bluecube's philosophy and prioritizes a thorough understanding of the client's needs before diving into the project. In-depth site studies, encompassing soil testing and digital surveys, lay the foundation for initial sketches, which are presented to the client for feedback. This iterative process ensures that clients see the full potential of their projects.

Bluecube is unwavering in its commitment to strict adherence to legal regulations, ensuring complete compliance in addition to detailed schemes, construction drawings, and transparent zero-costing estimates, leaving no room for ambiguity in project expenditure. This transparency is shared with the client, ensuring a collaborative and informed partnership throughout the project journey.

"When discussing a client's budget, we focus on two key aspects: direct project costs and indirect costs related to factors like material wear and tear, longevity, and architectural trends. Long-lasting projects reduce non-recurring expenses. We meticulously assess these factors to plan product costs. We also carefully plan project execution time to prevent cost overruns, as quicker completion is inherently cost-effective", elaborated Harish.

In conclusion, Bluecube has experienced remarkable growth, completing over 500 projects and expanding its geographical reach to various locations in South India. It firmly believes that technology drives the construction industry and continuously strive to innovate in design and construction. The firm's focus on cutting-edge construction systems, such as container architecture and 3D printing, allows it to deliver faster and more cost-effective solutions.

It also focuses on Biophilic Designs and nature to create Healing Architecture as buildings can also cure people. In the realm of interior design, Bluecube collaborates with a team of skilled artisans and artists to create spaces that transcend the ordinary and evolve into genuine works of art.