Blooray IT Solutions: Improving Efficiency of Patient Care with Cutting-edge EMR Software

Salim Rayyan,CEO
Salim Rayyan, CEO

In this age of digitalization, transition to Electronic Medical Records has become ubiquitous among hospitals and other healthcare institutions since EMR allows hospital administrators and medical professionals to efficiently and systematically proceed tedious hospital management and medical recording functions. Yet one of the most difficult conundrums associated with the adoption of such technology is the lack of flexibility and integration with the management processes. Most of the hospital software solutions were developed by IT professionals having little know-how on Clinical management and practices. In order to get seamless functioning of an EMR system, respective solution provider should be able to cater to the institution's specific requirements, provide staff training, extend prompt services during the occurrences of unavoidable technical issues and ensure secure backup system. Unfortunately, only a few solution providers are fit to serve the purpose and many of the solutions are too buggy and inefficient. Making a great change in the sector, Kerala based Blooray IT Solutions has come up with novel medical automation software -
Blooray MeDIC exclusively for meeting the challenging demands of medical automation domain.

Salim Rayyan, CEO, Blooray IT Solutions, says, “We spent several years studying various functions of medical institutions and came out with a highly focussed enterprise named Blooray which is capable of offering IT consultation and solutions to meet various healthcare needs. Blooray MeDIC is our flagship product. As a tried and true product having more than 60 live hospital projects and more than a decade’s track record, MeDIC fulfils all the basic needs and most of the advanced demands of our clients. Carefully designed in close collaboration with doctors, our solution offers a unique modular change-over approach that assists in reducing the duration of the migration phase from existing system to a stable and efficient system.” Blooray MeDIC implementation comprises multi-session department-wise orientation /training programs for efficient change-over. In conjunction with this, it also encompasses built-in drawing tool, pre-set diagrams,ICD coding reference, statistical data analysis tools, drug interaction alerts and patient waiting analysis tools. Last not the least, intending to assure data security, Blooray MeDIC leverages user-wise access control to specific areas of data management with a built-in backup system and a mirrored standby system. Right from basic hospital management functions to specific requirements of its clients, Blooray serves as an efficient and cost-effective end-to-end solution provider.
As an earnest Medical Automation provider, Blooray is keenly observing the technological and clinical advancements and related demands and introduce them into the product well in advance.“Blooray exists to provide innovative solutions, which help the noble patient care services, by harnessing the amazing power of Information Technology. We keep close and frequent touch with our existing clients, especially with experienced and techy medical professional who always coming up with innovative ideas. This helps us in continuous product innovation which is essential for medical automation providers. Sustained focussing is our USP, ”indicates Salim.

More than a decade, Blooray MeDIC is being used by thousands of medical professionals and reputed medical institutions including Al Salama Eye Hospital Ltd.,I Vision Eye Hospital, TreeG Eye Care Hospital, Malabar Eye Hospital and Precise Speciality Eye Care. Incepted in 2006, the company has been selected as the official software of KSOS(Kerala Society of Ophthalmic Surgeons)in 2007 and 2008. Additionally, it has been shortlisted among the top five best EMR solutions in India by AIOS(All India Ophthalmological Society) in 2011. Propelling forward into this sector, the company aims to introduce more specific interfaces for super-specialty clinics while simultaneously marketing Blooray MeDIC across the globe. Also, Blooray is planning to redesign their product modules which would make information sharing easy and hence contribute to the EHR initiatives.