Bioved Pharmaceuticals: Discovery Platform Developing Natural Medicines From The Science Of Ayurveda

Dr Deepa Chitre,Chief Executive Officer

Dr Deepa Chitre

Chief Executive Officer

Nutraceuticals are 'pharmaceutical grade' nutrients that are consumed for health or therapeutic benefit. Nutraceuticals are the confluence of nutrients and pharmaceuticals. The growing awareness about fitness and health, by consumption of natural fortified food, has paved the growth of the nutraceutical market in India and other countries. COVID-19 has compelled the awareness of immunity manifold and has underlined the linkage between nutritional status and economic status of a country.

This, in turn, is likely to lead towards a renewed focus and importance for nutrition in public health policies and schemes, more than ever before; to prevent diseases and deal with unprecedented healthcare challenges, thereby giving the nutraceutical industry a definite boost. Moreover, India is well poised to be a leader in the nutraceutical ingredient space with high biodiversity, robust agricultural research infrastructure, and a growing number of qualified individuals in the field.

Bioved Pharmaceuticals, established in 1995, is a Research and Development firm having US FDA registered and audited laboratory facilities in Pune. Bioved is a `Discovery Platform' for safe and effective Nutraceuticals and Over The Counter products from the science of Ayurveda. Bioved deciphers the principles of traditional science and does the entire scientific validation, per modern medicine and modern pharmaceutical standards.

The organization develops original single plant or combination plant products for specific therapeutic areas and focuses on
"Disorders of the Aging" population, which is the largest segment of the natural product consumer space. The firm works with WHO-GMP certified (World Health Organization Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturers in multiple locations in India and cGMP certified (Current Good Manufacturing Practices as specified by US FDA) in North America.

The team of highly experienced professionals monitors and maintains standards throughout the research and manufacturing cycle. Each product is tested to modern allopathic standards before it leaves the factory, as patients' safety and efficacy is at the core of the team's effort. Bioved consistently updates the qualification criteria to keep up with international regulatory guidelines.

"In each country that we market our products, we go through a stringent Regulatory approval process. Very proudly, we have the first product from Ayurveda to have received a US FDA OTC (Over the Counter) approval. Also, we are the first Ayurved based company to receive approval from Health Canada for our lead products namely ARTREX Tablets and ARTREX Cream for pain, inflammation, bone and joint health", explains Dr Deepa Chitre, CEO, Bioved Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Bioved is focusing on technology & products that match the philosophy of science and target growth for the company

Supplements usually have a combination of plant extracts and mixers of inert substances as binding agents. Bioved has a US patented method of extraction that gives a high concentration of natural bio-active compounds from plants without toxicity. The consumer gets pure and organic substances, as the company does not use preservatives in the products. Being a research company, Bioved develops new, novel, and innovative products from plants that are scientifically validated.

Each product goes thru several years of pre-clinical and clinical testing like Allopathic products, to establish safety and efficacy. Further, rigorous stability testing is done to ensure the shelf life or expiration date which is 30-36 months. The products are manufactured under strict quality control ensuring uniform quality and standard of active ingredients that ultimately deliver results to the patients. Further, Bioved is focusing on technology & products that match the philosophy of science and target growth for the company.

The company has a robust pipeline with innovative products especially in Oncology and Covid-19, and in Animal health; and has partnered with marketing partners in several countries of the world. The Company has offices and laboratory facilities in Pune, California, Vietnam and Canada. Bioved lives by its mission statement, "Inspired by Nature, Proven by Science."