Bioneemtec: An Unique Place for Active Molecules

Dr.M.Menaga,Managing Director


Managing Director

Chennai headquartered Bioneemtec India Pvt Ltd, Women's Biotech Park is a leading global contract development and research organization which is on its mission of setting up a unique laboratory that facilitates the concoction and isolation of natural as well as preparation of synthetic com-pounds of international standards. It endeavours to stands out as the optimal manufacturing house of Active molecules, Analytical methods, Biotechnology and Natural Products. In essence, the organization is manoeuvring to compose streamlined, flexible and top-notch solutions for measuring up the requisite in the Small API molecule, Intermediates and the related impurities, along with the intention of end-running the usage of high risk chemical and promote the entailment of green methodology for the long term productions.

The company's flagship offerings can be categorised as Synthesis, Bio-technology and Herbal. Its innovative Biotechnology ventures are vast and diverse. It performs optimal experiments under fermentation conditions in order to boost up the production of secondary metabolites from the Specific cultures. In Synthesis, Bioneemtec develops Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients of small Molecules and its impurities Marker compounds. A part of it is also dedicated to diagnosing herbal and other eco-friendly extracts and avail them for the purification of active molecules and product development. Furthermore, the company's main functioning areas can be grouped under developing Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), Intermediates and impurities synthesis and isolation of pure compounds from Herbals.
Giving consideration to the emerging exigencies the expert team of professionals and scientists formulates the most appropriate provisions that support the objectives of its clients. Their heterogeneous expertise supports the firm to conduct bulk of fermentations under optimized conditions and extract bioactive medicinal compounds with downstream processing methodology. With the aid of such prolific team, Bioneemtec has so far isolated more than 200 active molecules for research people and encouraged over 100 scholars accomplish their intended compounds and backed them with both wet lab analysis and dry lab analysis. The firm has been successful in generating a fund of about 1 crore and expects to witness a revenue growth of three crore by 2021. In a span of seven years, Bioneemtec has served national as well as international clients and have embarked international partnership with various pharmaceutical companies for the supply of impurities and technology transfer in developing API molecules. "We have the best set of scientists with various expertise in the disciplines of Microbiology, Chemistry, Chemical engineering and Bioinformatics. Bioneemtec is fortunate to have a strong synthetic team that holds expertise in synthesizing API, Vitamins, Chiral molecules and carbohydrate chemistry. Our Microbiologists hold prowess in working on the isolation of enzymes, secondary metabolites from all the type of microbial sources. We had recently filed an Indian patent for the Effective Chiral Molecules against COVID-19. Bioneemtec is also tied up with a prestigious New Jersey based Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship (ILSE) for the Covid Research" asserts Dr.M.Menaga, Managing Director.

Bioneemtec has served national as well as international clients and have embarked international research partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies

To stay abreast and ahead of the curve, Bioneemtec has remained affirmative about adopting modern technology such as Asymmetric chiral synthesis, Continuous Flow chemistry and Enzyme mediated reaction particularly for making green chemistry and other new-fangled solutions. "Ever since our inception, we have executed a number of undertakings. We developed molecules which comply with pharmacopeia standards like that of the US Pharmacopeia, European, Indian, Japanese and Chinese Pharmacopeia. Our team of experts are always enthusiast about meeting the regulatory requirement standard so as to comply with the cGMP production activities for API. Apart we have also recently started another company "Negha green lab, LLP" totally dedicated to conduct experiments on microbial enzymes in Biotransformation of molecules especially in developing API Molecules with Green chemistry. Taking Dr. KiranMajumdarshaw, MD, Biocon as my role model from my twenty's, I have been able to reach out this place" she adds.