Baruch Business Solutions: Empowering Medical Practices to Flourish

William Castellanos, CEO &,Hamsavardhan Mohan, MD & COO

Hamsavardhan Mohan, MD & COO

The American healthcare system that consists of large publically funded hospitals, health systems, academic medical centres and physician practices is today faced with the challenge to keep-up the quality of healthcare, while staying complaint to a host of federal and state regulations. While larger medical practices have the financial resources to enlist the help of practice management service specialist, the relatively smaller providers often fall back. Add to that, declining reimbursements, increased risk & margin pressure, it becomes even tougher for small & mid-sized healthcare practices to stay afloat.

Acting as an ally to such medical practices is Baruch Business Solutions (BBS), a dedicated billing services organization, powered by TLK Medical Group. A provider of business services to the American healthcare industry, BBS utilizes the offshore model to provide cost-effective and expertise intensive practice management services such as Billing, Coding, Transcription, Credentialing and Revenue Cycle Management Services to healthcare providers across the U.S. Having built a strong team of experts who leverage every form of technology available to diminish the distance between U.S. and India, Baruch Business Solutions is committed to taking care of backend
functions, while enabling healthcare providers to focus solely on their core services.

"We help our clients understand the process, cutting edge technology being used, security precautions being put in place and the skilled team behind our operations"

Bringing Benefits of Offshoring to the Table
Although outsourcing non-core processes has become a norm for various industries, several small & medium healthcare providers in the U.S. still want every function to be performed from their own office. While being cost prohibitive, it is also logistically difficult to find the right talent that can enable better revenue recovery and deliver better healthcare outcomes for patients. “We help our clients understand the process, cutting-edge technology being used, security precautions being put in place and the skilled team behind our operations,” explains Hamsavardhan Mohan, MD & COO, BBS.

The firm has also developed various reporting strategies that show a client how their revenues have gone-up, since bringing BBS onboard. Speaking about one of their clients Siouxland Pain Clinic, Hamsavardhan recounts how the pain management clinic was unable to grow and expand owing to lack of expert help in South Dakota. Given the remote location, the private medical practice was unable to find expert coders, medical assistants and billing experts. “After we were brought on board by them, we gradually added all of our services to their disposal which empowered them to grow exponentially. Within a span of two years, the $6 million venture doubled its revenues,” narrates Hamsavardhan. Having worked this magic on a plethora of clients across the U.S., BBS has grown its
clientele to include over 50 healthcare practices.

Team of Experts at the Core of Operations
It is often said that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. Having imbibed this within its very DNA, BBS gives primary importance to building a strong team of motivated ‘Revenue Cycle Management’ experts. Headquartered in Thanjavur, an unexplored gold mine of talented professionals, the firm hires and trains fresh talent to understand and imbibe industry best practices. Working as trainees for the first six months, new employees undergo rigorous training which consists of several modules corresponding to BBS’ various business verticals. Consisting of a healthy mix of experienced and fresh candidates, the Indian team works in perfect synergy with the U.S. team. While a team of talented coders operates from India, their work is thoroughly audited by experienced coders from the U.S. team.

William Castellanos, CEO

Founded in 2015, BBS has been on a steady growth trajectory; the judicious firm is now looking to add new and bigger clients to its ‘Roster of Services’. Having added new service verticals and employees to its roster, the firm is aggressively moving-up in the market.