Baby So Jao: Making Your Baby Sleep Better, Deeper & Longer

Sourav Gupta,Co-Founder

Sourav Gupta, Co-Founder

There is one question that parents ask more than anything else: “How can I make my child sleep for long?” Lesser sleep than recommended might lead the baby being exposed to an unhealthy future, including obesity, which puts them at the risk of major health issues. For newborns, sleeping during early months either happens to be round the clock or not at all. Intending to give you a joyful parenthood, Baby So Jao presents a mattress that makes a baby (0-3 years) sleep anywhere, anytime and even guarantees to sooth a crying baby within 30 seconds. The mattress is an electronic device with magical powers due to its stochastic resonance based technology integrated with white noise, mimicking sounds, motions and vibrations of mother’s womb, It provides the same comfort & protection that the baby feels in his/her mother’s womb. “In 95 percent cases, our mattress has soothed the babies within 15 seconds. The sleep therapy used
here makes baby sleep faster, deeper & better,” claims Sourav Gupta, Co-Founder, Baby So Jao.

"In 95 percent cases, our mattress has soothed the babies within 15 seconds. The sleep therapy used in here makes baby sleep faster, deeper & better"

Boon to New Parents
Adequate sleep is essential for not just the baby, but mother and father as well. Comprehending that taking care of the newly born baby is beyond all physical & mental challenges and hampers sleeping patterns for new parents, Baby So Jao takes full responsibility of the baby & allows parents to have a lot of their own personal time & peace of mind. The mattress is a boon to bring back the sanity to newborns, toddlers, and make parenting easier & better. “Parents in today’s world are busier than ever and they need more help than ever with parenting, especially with newborns. Baby So Jao Mattress is intended to make parenting a bit easier for you,” says Sourav. Pertaining to this, the company has already sold around 12000 mattresses in such a short span of time, with spreading its reach to over 15 cities in eight Indian states.

This patent-pending mattress is CPSC (Consumer Protection and Safety Commission)- certified, which is a U.S. - based federal agency. Unlike other massive
swings or vibrating seats that offer you with no other option than to carry them on a plane or over shopping or anywhere, Baby So Jao mattress is a one-stop solution to all your worries because of its portability, washability, and water resistance, apart from playing baby songs.

The Birth of Baby So Jao
As working parents, Sourav & his wife Pooja realized that of all the things they do, making their daughter sleep takes a lot of time & energy after a long tiring day at work. This kept going on for days. This is when Sourav (a serial entrepreneur) collaborated with Dinesh to research on sustainable options and came-up with the idea of Baby So Jao mattress. After 18 months of research, prototyping and testing on over 200 babies of age between 0-3 years, the final version of the mattress came into being. In no time, sales exceeded over 12,000 units and the company opened an in-house factory & conventional distributor network based in Delhi-NCR. “Dr. G.P. Kaushal (President of IAP, Delhi State) has been our Godfather and without his guidance during the research phase, this product would not have been possible,” asserts Sourav. Experiencing 300 percent growth every month, the company aims to reach over 50 cities across 20 states by the first quarter of 2019, while start exporting the products in next three months.