Babble Speech & Hearing Rehabilitation Center: Guaranteeing Life-Changing Training Modules

Om Prakash, Founder, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist

Om Prakash

Founder, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist

Speech and language development is a significant indicator of a child’s overall development and cognitive ability. Sadly in India speech & language disability is listed as the fifth highest occurring disability estimating one in every 10 children are reported to have speech related disorders. Moreover, the commonness of co-morbidity among these disorders, where fore a child with a speech disorder can also have problems with hearing and learning, is of major concern. Understanding that the key to treating or controlling these disorders lie within early diagnosis and intervention, Noida-based Babble Speech & Hearing Rehabilitation Center incepted in 2018 under the headship of Om Prakash(Founder, Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist), who rigorously aims that no individual/child with different(special) needs remains laggard in life.

A complete center for rehabilitation, providing services based on sympathy and understanding within an acceptable and pleasant environment, Babble’s experts help children to gradually break shackles and stand par excellence with mainstream kids. The aim of the organization further directs towards enabling the child to develop social skills and help them realize their true potentials. Moreover, since no two kids face the same symptoms(despite being commonly provisionally diagnosed with speech disorder/spectrum), every service is exclusively customized to boost the efficiency of each therapy. Right from
efficiency of each therapy. Right from resourceful occupational therapists, special educators, sports therapists and the obvious speech therapists, Babble is a one-stop-home sheltering every necessary expert guidance for bettering your child. Housing some of the most efficient psychologists and physiotherapists, with distinct applications of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) techniques and sensory integration, Babble is undoubtedly a go to rehabilitation for all speech, language(fluency, articulation & voice), hearing, social, behavioural and developmental related disorders.

Unless we work as a team, we can’t show the progress of the child and the disorder he/she is suffering from

Comprehensive Training
“We believe in team work, because speech therapists alone don’t suffice for most disorders. Unless we work as a team, we can’t show the progress of the child and the disorder he/she is suffering from,” says Om. Such is the enthusiasm that resonates amidst a keen team work followed at Babble. Imparting a comprehensive and holistic module where children are trained to follow the same behavioural patterns regardless of their environment, the center’s infrastructural amenities also augment the progress of the child. Right from accommodating separate rooms for one-to-one sessions, group sessions and special audiology & sensory integration rooms, Babble evidently owns some of the best equipment/tool and assessments for every relevant therapy.

Engaging every child towards self growth and independence, a unique culture echoes throughout Babble’s culture, where significant festivals are celebrated and children are taken on specially arranged educational & fun trips with secured assistance and personal care. These efforts are drawn towards making the child feel no different from normal. With each and every service provided at the most minimal rates (some times free-of-cost), these experts ensure to provide impartial guidance throughout even to the extent of taking an entire week’s time to understand the core issues of the child based on which customized modules/activities are designed. “We even accompany the kids to their home, who face issues only at their abode. This guarantees practical and apt solution,” explains Om.

Aside these undertakings, Babble ensures to additionally counsel parents of these children, so as to encourage their acceptance and co-operation in every stage of their child’s progress. Despite a gradual progress with a mighty ambition of changing young lives, the establishment aims for expansion over the years, seeking to reach out to the larger majority who desperately seek help of such patrons.