AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital: Comprehensive and Holistic Treatment Approach through Ayurveda

Herbal medicine based Traditional Medical system of treatment is a rapidly growing healthcare system of economic importance and is now widely used in many countries of the world as Ayurveda suggests a different approach to pain relief. Approaching pain relief through Ayurveda, AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital, headquartered in Madurai, is a residential Ayurvedic treatment center offering a comprehensive and holistic treatment approach with an equal emphasis on preventive and curative healthcare. It is a unique combination of a hospital offering treatment for serious diseases with the ambiance and hospitality offered at a resort. And that's why AVN is the first NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals) certified healthcare provider in Tamil Nadu and is ranked 28th in India.

"We do not address pain but its symptoms. Treatment at AVN is addressed by reaching at the root cause of pain which is often in degenerative condition pertaining to the skeletomuscular system or the nervous system and the hospital address the fundamental cause of the pain and thereby eliminating the pain", said Dr. Ramesh R Varier, Managing Director, AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Hospital. Interestingly, the ayurvedic system of medicine which AVN provides doesn't have pain killers. It has adopted a holistic ayurvedic treatment philosophy. Thus, the hospital offers an integrated approach by offering the best of Ayurvedic treatment combined with yoga, naturopathy, diet and fitness, and rehabilitation services which is why it has more lasting solution in terms of pain management. And in a similar way, AVN is specialized in terms of diseases pertaining to the skeletomuscular system.

Unique Combination of Treatment
Today, the most common disease that doctors encounter is back, neck and jointrelated problems. Most of the patients in AVN are suffering from this problem and are in hospital for pain management. People
come to AVN who have already tried pain killers and several other formats and were finally recommended to undergo surgery. AVN is able to help them to lead a normal life with the basic treatment of Ayurveda. This ayurvedic treatment comprises of diet, lifestyle modification, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicines or supplements, and therapies. The hospital also integrates the entire gamut of ayurvedic services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and so on. Additionally, AVN has Panchakarmas and Uparkarmas therapy for Outpatient medication. Only 5-6 percent of patients are admitted for their intense condition because they need closer monitoring as well as multidisciplinary care. Else, most of the patients get rid of their problem without surgery from the therapies provided and lead a good quality life.
Dr. Ramesh R Varier ,Managing Director
However, in this modern world, where people are absorbed into making a living, it is understandably difficult to make time for their well being. AVN has tangible pain relief services that take maximum 8-10 days to cure disease. Patient can also connect with the hospital by telemedicine and can keep the follow up. All the medicines are available on the hospital's webstore. Secondly, if the patient does not have anyone with them, the hospital has pro-vided full fledged team to take care of them. More so, AVN is also in ties with different medical insurance companies eliminating any financial constraints that may come in between the treatment.

AVN has Panchakarmas and Uparkarmas therapy for Outpatient medication

Adopting a holistic ayurvedic treatment philosophy, AVN is in constant innovation improvement. It has converted kasayan (bitter in taste) into tablets and oils into gelatin to meet current requirements. Further, in near future, the hospital wants to expand its footprint in different parts of the country through collaboration and tieups. Additionally, AVN is also going to provide a customer relationship management system for better interaction.