Auraleafs Labs: One-Stop-Shop for Customer-Centric Nutraceuticals Products

Sreeni Gollapalli, Chief Operating Officer,Dr Ronda Srinivas, Research and Development

Sreeni Gollapalli

Chief Operating Officer

Personal health has been front of mind for the general public as the Covid-19 pandemic has raged. Globally, nutraceuticals are becoming more critical as they become part of consumers' daily diet. Nutraceuticals help against Covid-19 by enhancing the production of blood cells, thereby strengthening the physiological and psychosocial wellbeing.

Consumers who want to improve their health without paying for medical treatments turn to the nutraceutical industry to help them. Health-conscious consumers looking for alternatives to over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs turn to other options such as fortified food and beverages. The nutraceutical industry has proven to have room for growth, especially as we face an ageing population and rising healthcare costs.

Auraleafs Labs, based in Hyderabad, is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of nutraceuticals, cosmeceutical, speciality chemicals, standardized herbal and organic extracts. The company also offers natural oleoresin extracts, natural flavours and fruit & vegetable powders used for dietary health supplements, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, etc.

“We have excellent manufacturing infra-structure spread over 8 acres in the prestigious Genome Valley of Hyderabad. We have highly focused, well trained and competent R&D department to bring out natural products. We have advanced extraction, isolation, purification and technology with rich production experience and strict quality control system. We are always committed to giving our customers the reliable products and services that they expect and deserve.

We are one of the leading manufacturers for Aloe Vera, 4HIL, Hesperidine, Bacopa
monnieri, ashwagandha amongst other nutraceuticals. Our finished product is the raw material for many well reputed nutraceutical companies of the world”, said Sreeni Gullapalli, COO, Auraleafs Labs.

Various Kinds of Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplements Products
As the company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Genome Valley, Auraleafs offers tailor-made customized nutraceuticals products, fulfil every specification required by the customers. Secondly, the company's USP is that Auraleafs are among one of the very few manufacturing units in India, who have the license for using Ethanol for processing nutraceuticals. The company can handle an input of 10MT to 20MT of raw material per day. Some of the pharmacopoeias manufacture by Auraleafs is USP (US Pharmacopeia), EP (European Pharmacopeia), BP (British Pharmacopeia), and JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia).

Apart from this, Auraleafs has agricultural farms for Aloe Vera. & “We carry end to end from farming to process and formulation to production, thus evolved as a single place for thought to a solution, which helps the customers ease in finding and finalizing the required products”, added Sreeni. Auraleafs Labs is continuously engaged in fulfilling the customers' requirements and believes that the first and foremost concern is to provide the finest quality products.

Dr Ronda Srinivas, Research and Development

The company is continually adapting and upgrading its infrastructure facilities to incorporate the latest technological breakthroughs. Auraleafs Labs facility is ISO, and Star Kosher certificated with GMP certification by the Department of AYUSH, Government of India, registered with the US Food & Drugs Administration (USFDA) Anti-Bioterrorism Act.

Auraleafs is supported by a team of skilled professionals and a rich experienced R&D team headed by Dr. Ronda Srinivas Reddy, who continuously strives hard to develop new techniques for a cost-efficient and high-quality based production. Moreover, the company will introduce innovative products like water-soluble extracts, dietary supplements, functional foods, pro-biotic yogurts, weight loss bars, high strength nitrate enriched sports drinks and Supercritical CO2 extraction products in the near future.

Additionally, the company is now heading towards the new horizons with the support of young, talented professionals experienced in all functional areas. “Our vision is to supply high quality products to national and international customers that improve human health and contribute to mutual growth”, concluded Sreeni Gullapalli, COO.