Aura Speech And Hearing: Towards a Child's Healthy Development through Speech & Hearing Therapy

Lera Kaul Sharma,FounderMost families in India remain unaware about early identification and intervention. Even today, there is a lack of awareness among parents regarding normative milestones and existence of rehabilitation professionals. It is hence important to spread awareness and bring together professionals to do the same. Effective interventions can improve children's life chances at any point during childhood and adolescence.

Faridabad-based Aura Speech And Hearing is an example of one such company committed to provide complete rehabilitative services with latest diagnostics for individuals with any or all kinds of speech and hearing problems. Aura is one of the best speech and hearing clinics in Faridabad. Aura has an excellent mix of years of experience and technology in the field of speech and hearing therapy.

Journey of Aura began with a phone call between two old college friends who were vexed by the situation and standard of so called professional ASLPs in Haryana. Non professionals were providing speech therapy and dispensing hearing aid. Parents were unaware of the difference between the two and non-professionals were taking undue advantage of the situation.
Aura was built on just one belief `to provide professional & ethical services under one roof'. "I pride my-self in being detail oriented, analytical and driven, thus came into existence Aura Speech and Hearing clinic on the 4th of September 2017," says Iera Kaul Sharma, Founder of Aura.

Idea Behind Aura
The main idea behind Aura is to bring in awareness among caregivers, co-professionals and schools towards the specially-abled population thus bringing to table the concept of early intervention which was and still is missing in the system. "We have conducted many parent training programs at schools at primary level. We realized that there was a lack of awareness among the parents," says Iera. This, according to her, is because there is a lack of counseling on the part of the co-professionals.

The clinic's USP has always been goodwill, `what we give always comes back'

Parents are not sufficiently informed about neonatal screening, hearing impairments, language and speech development the options following a diagnosis, or even given any realistic expectations about hearing aids or cochlear implants and speech and language therapy be-fore being referred to any allied health care professional. The team at Aura thus conducts camps. During these camps or PEC, the team provides all the parents with handouts of normative and few common language stimulation techniques that can be used on a daily basis. "We also train teachers to identify children with different needs," adds Iera.

Iera believes that today the journey of wearing a hearing aid or speech therapy has become less of a taboo to families as time progresses. This has encouraged families to be more sensitive to the needs of the hearing user and also encouraged patients to actively come in for follow ups. In this short span of time, Aura Clinic has gained trust among schools and surrounding occupation therapy centers. The schools are a vital part of the clinic. The clinic's USP has always been goodwill, "what we give always comes back," adds Iera. All of the clinic's clientele have been gathered through word of mouth, not a single reference from medical co ­ professionals, and yet the team at Aura has completed 4years and is going strong. "The future does look bright and strong for Aura as its name suggests," concludes Iera.