Associated Architects: Conceptualizing Aesthetically Pleasing Hospital Designs

Bhavik Nandi, Mayank Ghedia, Rizwan Kadri & Vatsal Joshi,Directors

Bhavik Nandi


Introduction of patient-centric practices in healthcare is encouraging architects today to renovate spaces with aesthetic architectural designs. In this founding space, Associated Architects Private Limited (AAPL) is providing a single point solution for hospital architecture by mindfully integrating conducive elements to utilize the existing space. While considering the key prospects of project conceptualization, AAPL investigates every site-constraint to design a scalable footprint of the hospital build affiliated by Indian control boards like NABH, NABL & NBC.

"We provide end-to-end design services which cover all aspects in conceptualization of any healthcare facility be it architecture, interior, MEPF, PMC, Graphic & Landscape," states Bhavik Nandi, Director, Associated Architects. Managing project deliverables being critical in execution planning, AAPL charts down every aspect from cost analysis, services planning to time management. It is perfecting every facet of planning, functioning & aesthetics, enabling on-time delivery of the projects within a stipulated bud-get plan as per the client's requirement.

Counting in the experience years in designing for healthcare facilities of different scales & specialties, Bhavik spearheads an in-house team of 50+ qualified professionals for seamless on-site delivery of the projects. Till now it has designed for 109 healthcare projects across two million (approximate)
square feet of built-up area. Apart from multi-specialties & general hospitals, it has designed spaces for singular specialties like Urology, Orthopaedics, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology and Ayurvedic, across India and abroad. Some of its significant projects are Burhani Multispecialty Hospital (Tanzania), Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (Nadiad) and others.

Conceptualizing Aesthetic Designs
As human psychology plays a vital role in accelerating the healing process, AAPL maintains a firm perspective in keeping the designs aesthetic. The patient rooms are planned with a humane touch, accommodating comfort & hospitable elements like warmer art-work of holistic color schemes, larger window for natural light to flood in and cozy home-like furnishes. Furthermore, it also integrates interesting spaces (prayer halls & others) and provisions assembly spaces to relax and unwind. Bhavik adds, "Keeping in mind the ease & comfort of both the patients & their relatives, and doc-tors & staffs, the functions are placed while planning".

AAPL maintains a firm perspective in keeping the designs aesthetic

Ascending with a goal to provide a clean, safe & healing environment for the patients, AAPL provides multi-modal design solutions for multiplicity hospitals. Adeptly stacking the adjacencies, it provides efficient planning of OPD & IPD areas with ample of centralized spaces to avoid overcrowding, while wisely equips the critical care units, in maintaining a sterile environment. To keep the outflow of contaminates (trash, recyclables, and soiled wastes) separated from the movement of food and clean supplies, the designs ensure proper zoning of dirty, clean & sterile corridors for the patients and visitors.

AAPL has sustainable plans for its hospital designs, adding energy saving, cost-efficient & maintenance free solutions like ceramic tile cladded walls and flooring (scratch resistant, easy-to-clean, and non-flammable and VOC free) and other interventions. Furthermore, the concrete designs are ornamented with ample hospice green spaces to bring patients closer to nature.

For 12 years, the combined effort of four architects (Mayank Ghedia, Rizwan Kadri & Vatsal Joshi (Directors) along with Bhavik) along with integrated software like CAD, Sketchup, Revit & MS Office, allowed the firm to come up with the best innovations in the field. Abhik concludes, "We are also negotiating with other entities that can provide & play a vital role in the healthcare industry to expand our offerings across India & abroad".