Ashmayu Yoga: Striving to Serve Mankind with the Science of Yoga

Naveen Sharma & Sireesha Naveen,Founders & Master Yoga Teachers

Naveen Sharma & Sireesha Naveen

Founders & Master Yoga Teachers

In this modern technological era, human beings find it difficult to maintain a healthy life and suffer from a lot of physical and psychological stress & strain. Sireesha Naveen and Naveen Sharma (Founders & Master Yoga Teachers, Ashmayu Yoga), health enthusiasts who were being haunted by the same stress monster brought-on by corporate culture, pursued multiple courses like Yoga, Health, Wellness, Diet, Nutrition and Alternative Healing. These courses brought about major transformations within the two, making them quite noticeable by the people around them, who sought their suggestions on how to get healthier and fitter holistically. Kickstarted their yoga journey with counselling and coaching their loved ones, the duo formalized their vision by establishing their state-of-the-art- Yoga institute – Ashmayu Yoga in August 2015.

Envisioning a Healthy World

Focusing on the physical, mental, social and emotional health, this Bangalore-based company with its team of experts (from related fields such as yoga, ayurveda, health & wellness coaching, alternative healing, fitness, diet and nutrition) provides high-quality education in Yoga with a practical approach towards the real-world problems. The institute offers a Corporate Wellness program concerning lifestyle disorders like stress, migraine, headache, frozen shoulder, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, hypertension, anxiety, PCOD, breathing issues and others.
Ashmayu’s one-to-many coaching (group session) is classified as mental health (sound meditation therapy, pranayama), physical health (desk yoga, laughter yoga) and physical & mental health (health and wellness workshops such as mindfulness, yoga nidra, food and others). Whereas, its one-to-one coaching (personalized session) covers physical, mental & social health (health and wellness coaching) and physical & mental health (marma therapy).

To reach a wider number of lives in their life span, Sireesha and Naveen offer certification courses like Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course (200 hour Level-1 & 300 hour Level-2), Children YogaTeacher Training, Yoga Instructor Training, and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course) for building more trainers just like them. The Institute personalizes these training courses as Residential and Studio Training too.

Focusing on the physical, mental, social and emotional health, Ashmayu Yoga with its team of experts provides high-quality education in Yoga with a practical approach towards the real-world problems

This ISO 9001:2015 certified institute is spacious, aesthetically designed and conveniently arranged, utilizing minimalist murals, great aroma and utmost hygiene. Besides having separate steam bathroom, shower room, changing room and a personal therapy room with three cozy therapy beds, Ashmayu is also equipped with the required props (yoga mat, bricks, ropes, bolsters & belts). Further upping the ante, Ashmayu has recently collaborated with ( brand – a health-tech company) for technologically advancing its regular groups at its center with a continued focus on its core strength – creating yoga, health, and wellness programs.

Started its journey with a number of 30-40 members a day, Ashmayu Yoga is now dealing with a minimum of 120+ members a day and the total count has touched over 15,000 when summed-up with the seminars conducted by it. This figure shows the institute's growth lining from 20 lakhs to 70 lakhs a year. Registered with Yoga Alliance U.S., affiliated by Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana and having worked with many giant organizations like Amazon, LinkedIn, TVS and others, this institute plans to offer online services as well and cover a larger geographical area to make a global impact on the society. In the future, the institute is extensively looking for building-up connections with the corporate world and focusing mostly on helping corporates create a healthier workplace.