Asha Kiran Speech & Language Habilitation Centre: Offering Hearing & Speech Therapy with Tested Technological Intervention

Rita Piplani, Director & Habilitationalist

Rita Piplani

Director & Habilitationalist

Think of a day without being able to hear anything. No voice, no reverberation, no musical sound, not even a chime to hear - only long silence! Well, it may sound appalling to those with sound hearing abilities, but millions of people worldwide suffer from hearing impairment with no knowledge of its treatment and intervention. A report by WHO claims that 466 million people globally have disabling hearing loss and 34 million among them are children. Certainly, the number is multiplying with each passing day.

Determined to contribute towards the lives of those suffering from hearing and speech impairment, Rita Piplani (Director & Habilitationalist) established Asha Kiran Speech & Language Habilitation Centre in 1992 as first-of-its-kind institution to initiate cochlear implants and habilitation facilities. Believing in early diagnosis and early intervention, the Jaipur headquartered centre provides auditory verbal therapy, audiological diagnostic services, hearing aid fittings, cochlear implant services and many more, to help hearing impaired children achieve their true potential. Every Asha Kiran’s professional aims to deliver best outcomes by working on time tested curriculum.

When asked about inspiration behind Asha Kiran’s inception, Rita recalls an encounter with a young girl wearing hearing aid device that ignited Rita to undertake suitable course
of action for helping such kids. From acquiring and consistently updating knowledge in the field to setting-up a centre that constitutes audiologists and trained teachers, Rita has moved from strength to strength to make her vision a reality.

Standing true to its name, Asha Kiran extends ray of hope for those who are born differently abled

Helping Build Sound & Brighter Future
Standing true to its name, Asha Kiran extends ray of hope for those who are born differently abled. Rooted with mission of inducing capability to hear, speak and comprehend in children, the centre highly leverages latest technologies in audiological assessment for early identification of hearing loss and provides amplificatory devices. Asha Kiran expands its service horizons by offering early speech and language training to children in order to ensure optimum language development that further helps in integrating children into mainstream schools. Not only does Asha Kiran ensures lifelong audiological support and management, but also provides hearing impaired children with lifelong guidance and support, thus assuring positive manoeuvre with holistic approach.

Unlike earlier days when technological access was limited, deafness detection in infants today has become accomplishable and Asha Kiran is actively leveraging latest technologies to deliver nothing but the best. With test batteries and technological intervention like cochlear implant (implanted into ear), the inhouse experts detect deafness in infants early and endeavour to bring back the hearing capability to normalcy. Additionally, the centre
focuses on making surgeons and pediatricians understand the importance of hearing, speech and language screening.

Medical Assistance with Positive Approach
Asha Kiran’s zealous team, comprising of audiologist & speech language pathologists, auditory verbal therapists and special educators, strives to make local populace understand the benefits of surgeries, implants and speech habilitation. Along with conducting intense awareness programs about audio implants and speech habilitation, the centre conducts free check up camps and avails cost free audiological services, counseling sessions and interventions to further empower economically recessed families to help treat their child’s impairment cause. “Our responsibility is to continually encourage these parents by putting forth the rewards and benefits of all their effort,” asserts Rita. Besides, Asha Kiran group also provides audiological services at Samtronics, Jaipur, and organizes training programs in multiple cities such as Udaipur, Bikaner and Sikar.