Ascribe Healthcare Solutions: Core Value Driven RCM Services

Jaisheela Padmanabhan,  Founder & MD

Jaisheela Padmanabhan, Founder& MD

Be it profit maximization, great customer service, employee retention or some other objective, every business entity functions with a specific goal in mind, which ultimately guides the enterprise’s growth trajectory. Acting upon mission-driven core values of integrity, transparency and generosity is Ascribe Healthcare Solutions, a revenue cycle management expert. Not only does this Chennai-based firm renders superlative healthcare billing & coding solutions to clients through a reliable outsourcing model, but is also committed to giving back to the community. “We do not just run the company to make a profit but to pass-on the advantage to the community that we live in and the other lesser privileged ones,” says Jaisheela Padmanabhan, Founder & MD, Ascribe Healthcare Solutions. The first generation entrepreneur who understands the true value of education, has been endeavouring to make education accessible to the less privileged in India and South Africa.

Other than being bestowed with a heart of gold, Ascribe leverages its RCM expertise and proprietary technologies to deliver
transformational results and reduction in the overall cost, while accelerating client’s cash flow and creating an operational environment that is compliant to the healthcare industry regulations. With offices and partnerships in Bangalore and Dubai, the young firm’s delivery model allows clients to cultivate growth, reduce costs and gain from better productivity and performance.

"We do not just run the company to make a profit but to pass-on the advantage to the community that we live in and the other lesser privileged ones"

Integrity & Transparency
The global healthcare industry is under immense pressure to increase profits, render superlative quality healthcare while staying complaint with the ever evolving compliances. To counter the challenges, more and more healthcare providers are opting to outsource their non-core functions to expert service providers. However, it’s an uphill battle for companies to put their trust in a service provider who they cannot even see face-to-face. Having pledged to function with complete integrity and transparency, Ascribe ensures that the team does not make any false promises in terms of business delivery.

Founded in 2015, the organization has put together a team of talented experts who render end-to-end RCM services, including medical coding, patient demographic & charge entry, payment posting, accounts receivable & denial management, A/R follow-up with insurance & patient, and claims transmission. With mastery in over
30specialities, the team reviews inpatient and outpatient medicalrecords and codes all diagnosis and procedures in accordance with strict coding guidelines, which guarantees improved quality, quick turnaround time and elimination of hiring and retention challenges.

Quality Checks
With both experienced and fresh coders on its team, Ascribe is committed to staying above industry standards and maintains 98 percent quality of output. “Based on the experience or tenure of a coder in a project, we place them in specific grids that specify which percentage of audit their work requires. Coders receive continuous feedback based on the audit to ensure that mistakes are not repeated. Depending on error percentage, we adjust the quality checks,” explains Jaisheela. All of Ascribe’s coding work is audited in-house by compliance experts to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

In a bid to uplift the weaker section of the society, Ascribe provides medical coding training to fresh graduates and prepares them to work for clients from U.S. and UAE. Working with the objective to empower first generation graduates, the firm seeks-out students through colleges and NGOs. Striving to keep employees updated with industry updates, Ascribe conducts regular workshops and trainings periodically. Employees are also trained in terms of soft and business skills. This has resulted in a spurt in revenue growth in the last two years and currently Ascribe is on the path to accelerated growth.