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(LtoR) Ajay Kapoor,Co-Founder & CEO,Rajat Kapoor,Co-Founder & CEO

(LtoR) Ajay Kapoor,Co-Founder & CEO

Rajat Kapoor,Co-Founder & CEO

The US healthcare spending is $3.3Trillion and constitutes nearly 18% of the GDP. The rising cost of healthcare, increased adoption of technology, prevalence of quality and performance based reimbursement models, and evolving physician-hospital-patient dynamics are forcing the healthcare industry to recast business and care delivery processes. Public and private health systems have been facing revenue pressures and declining margins for years. The trend is expected to persist as increasing demand, infrastructure upgrades, and therapeutic and technology advancements strain the already limited financial resources.

A high performing healthcare organization needs robust revenue cycle management. The effectiveness of the Revenue Cycle Management Operations has a direct impact on the quality of the care an organization can provide. Ascent’s unique combination of healthcare expertise, innovative technology and highly skilled professionals yields cost and operational efficiencies that are among the most favorable in the industry.

Proffering this expertise through a value, quality & outcome driven approach is Ascent Business Solutions - a full-service Business Process Management& Healthcare Services company that specializes in enhancing the financial performance of its clients by supporting their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and Health Information Management (HIM) requirements. Incepted in 2001, Ascent has come a long way from where it began. Catering to almost 80 percent of market’s service requirements starting right from a patient’s visit to the facility to comprehensive documentation process (including Medical Transcription, Coding & Billing, Credentialing, Charge Capture, Eligibility/Benefits Verification and much more), and final revenue recovery, it’s not only that Ascent’s clients today are among the most satisfied ones in the industry, but also client retention rate over the past seven years has been 100 percent. No wonder bulk of its growth since inception has been from existing client referrals. And how can it not be, since its anecdote is all about providing its clients with sustained improvements in outcome (up to 35 percent increase in net revenue, 60 percent reduction in cost-to-collect and 40 percent reduction in days in A/R).

Creating Success for You
Well, these sparkling numbers are not just numbers, but a collective outcome of Ascent’s excellent service quality, competency matrix model, robust & innovative technology, and deep rooted domain expertise that add genuine value to clients’ business process. Not to mention the best of breed protocols and practices the company follows on the technology service & solutions platform, which spans across its engagement models & processes, quality management, compliance programs, and cutting-edge training methodologies. “The healthcare technology industry is flooded with transactional oriented providers, and that’s where we pitch in with focus on solutions & end-results. Alike our policies, our contracts are principally written in that direction, where we predominantly get compensated based on the contingency model and for the outcomes that we engender for
our clients,”asserts Rajat Kapoor, Founder Director and CEO, Ascent Health Solutions Inc.

These sparkling numbers are not just numbers, but a collective outcome of ascent's excellent service quality, competency matrix model, robust & innovative technology, and deep rooted domain expertise that add genuine value to client's business process

While successfully catering to a dynamic industry like healthcare delivery (mainly in the U.S.), which has undergone sea changes especially over the past five years starting from adaptation of EMR platforms to consolidation of regulatory compliance, Ascent’s diamond sword has been its competency matrix model that ensures extremely deep domain expertise & know-how, to say nothing of its determination to go above & beyond compliance requirements. In other words, acting as a one-stop-shop healthcare solution provider with a global delivery model, it helps the entire spectrum of healthcare setting ranging from hospitals to physician-offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, and ER providers to tackle the challenges from all the coordinates. “I believe reliability, scalability and adaptability define all our case studies. We comprehend our clients’ healthcare delivery process through detailed discussions, place their discrete requirements at the kernel of the design and innovatively customize our solutions to bring out the best, be it technology solutions or services,” elucidates Ajay Kapoor, Founder Director and President, Ascent Health Solutions Inc.

Comprehensive Solutions
A perfect example of Ascent’s highly customized solutions delivery is its comprehensive RCM services that are designed to meet the specific requirements of its clients and delivered on a Competency-Based model. The unique Five-Track Transition Methodology coupled with years of successful process transition experience and deep domain expertise ensures client-satisfaction and significant year-on-year rigorous productivity improvements, while more than 30 key medical specialties & 15+ industry-leading Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Practice Management Software (PMS) platforms, and Ascent Revenue Management System (ARMS) offer clients plenty to choose from. With a robust team of Health Information Management (HIM) professionals who are capable of supporting healthcare facilities regardless of its sizes, Ascent also offers a wide-range of customized HIM services to hospitals and large physician groups nationwide, which include Professional Fee Coding, Facility Coding and Coding Audits. In fact, to well-equip healthcare providers to confront the dynamically evolving HIM industry, Ascent is also committed to educate and update them on a continuous basis.

Ascent’s prolonged index of solutions only gets bigger. Over the years, the payment-delays on patient owed monies due to difficulties in deciphering the health insurance intricacies, advent of high-deductible plans have posed significant challenges for the Healthcare Organizations-both in terms of patient relationships and cash flow. Ascent’s Patient Engagement services have been one of the most demanded ones in the segment, as the trained billing professionals of the company 'walk' patients through the complexities of a wide range of health insurance plans. It helps organizations collect more money money faster & earlier
in the revenue cycle process, which allows them to avoid sending patient accounts to collections, thus helping maintain steady patronage and fostering good public relations.

Ascent also provides a wide range of technology consulting services including Product Management, Patient Engagement Solutions, Big Data and BI (Business Intelligence)/Analytics and Customized Application Development. “Still there are several giant healthcare chains in the US which haven’t fully migrated to EMR's, and we continue to provide them medical transcription services, and that's how we remain as one of the largest service providers in this space,” adds Ajay. Ascent also provides unique services like EMR Scribing to help facilities to catch up with their documentation delays.

With the substantial consolidation in the US healthcare industry, Ascent’s unique ability to provide consolidated financial and clinical information across leading industry softwares makes it a much sought after service provider.

With the ever increasing internet threats to the private, confidential and sensitive data, Ascent experts pay highest attention to security measures for HIPAA, HITECH compliance. Ascent’s comprehensive security systems are regularly upgraded and independently audited.

Pursuing the Yellow Brick Road
Headquartered in New Jersey, after close to two decades, Ascent remains as a highly profitable privately held (by Ajay and Rajat) company with a strong management team, wizards heading each of its delivery segments and an advisory board imbued with the knowledge plinth of aficionados. It takes pride in its 2000 people strong workforce spread across US and India who are blessed with innovation in their DNA.“We have deeply invested in the learning and development division. Right from fresh recruitments to the senior resources, everybody goes through methodological training programs,” adds Ajay. When it sounds like a perfect atmosphere for stress, it’s the opposite as Ascent strives to remain a young company and the work culture is set to compliment that thought process. The team work hard, but party harder - making it an employer of choice.

Serving state-of-the-art solutions across 26 states in the US, Ascent over the past seven years has grown 50 percent year-on-year, and continues to expand its services. Currently rendering investments in integration space, middleware technologies, front-end engagement portals, iOS & Android apps among many others, the company plans to add two more delivery locations within India, besides expanding its footprint in the US. With its expertise in the healthcare domain, innovative technology solutions and deep commitment to client success Ascent is all set to make it to the top three top three healthcare solutions & services providers in the US.

Ascent is keenly eyeing someacquisitions in the healthcare technology & services space to expand its portfolio of offerings.

Key Management:
Ajay Kapoor, Founder Director & President
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Rajat Kapoor, Founder Director &CEO, CHBME

• Revenue Cycle Management
•HealthInformation Management
• Patient Engagement Services
• Medical Transcription
• Technology Consulting
• EMRScribe
• Software Development

Offices: New Jersey (Headquarter), Texas, Nagpur, Kolkata.