ARCH-EN DESIGN: Deploying Best-in-Class Healthcare Solutions for Bespoke Hospital Designs

Ar. Ashok Kumar,Proprietor & Principal Architect

Ar. Ashok Kumar

Proprietor & Principal Architect

Across the time frame with inclusion of modern techniques, novel monitoring systems and care-facilities, healthcare industry today has moved beyond its singular functional constrain of treating critically ill-patients. This push has challenged the Architecture industry to generate better design determinants in reshaping the Hospital Infrastructure, which can meet comprehensive healthcare needs. As each Architectural Design largely varies in terms of hospital type and patient type they cater to, ARCH-EN DESIGN runs thorough inspection of such limiting factors to derive custom solutions under varied budget ranges.

Ar. Ashok Kumar, Proprietor & Principal Architect, ARCH-EN DE-SIGN, proudly states, "Our firm has been designing Hospitals for over 30 years now and we are experts when it comes to planning of healthcare facilities". ARCH-EN DESIGN offers one-point-solution to all Hospital designs ranging from Feasibility studies, Conducting Gap Analysis, Architectural, Structural, MEP Services and Equipment planning. Planning criteria like location of OPD, IPD, Diagnostics, Trauma & Emergency services, OTs, ICUs CSSD, clean room planning, general wards, Private wards and Isolation wards, besides Hospital Kitchen, Laundry, Stores, Medical Gas Pipeline system, and Pneumatic tube system
for the building are dealt during the design of Healthcare facilities.

Sustainable Architectural Plans
Healthcare Architecture requires a thoroughly well-coordinated design. Entailing sustainable designs re-quires extensive detailing and perfect coordination with the end users like Medical Experts and Hospital Administrators alike. In offering clash-free services, ARCH-EN DESIGN houses the biggest technical assets like Healthcare Planner, Bio-medical experts, MEP specialists and Healthcare Architects onboard, besides using latest software (BIM for Architecture, Structures and Services). The detailed exercises in planning & coordination, practiced by its core healthcare team leads to seamless integration of meaningful components, serving as pro-effective measures in devising successful Healthcare Architectural designs.

ARCH-EN DESIGN houses the biggest technical assets like Healthcare Planner, Bio-medical experts, MEP specialists and Healthcare Architects onboard

As all medical facilities are registered under Medical Council of India, it also holds certain basic criteria for designing Healthcare Projects. ARCH-EN DESIGN follows MCI norms as the basic benchmark for various Government & Private projects during design and planning phases.

Ashok states, "There are several other broad Certifications we adhere to being part of doing good business. We are bench marking ourselves in GRIHA certification also for being part of save the planet mission and many more".

Providing 36 years of unmatched experience, ARCH-EN DESIGN has catered to more than 75 health-care projects comprising Teaching Hospitals, Super specialty Clinics, Dental Colleges, Psychiatric Centers and other facilities. Recently, it has implemented Building Information Modeling (BIM) for complex and large scale healthcare projects, to create digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of its architectural plans. Ashok concludes, "We have 25+ healthcare projects in our pipeline for being developed further or recently concluded. Being responsible for saving the millions of lives, we want to establish ourselves as one of the pioneers in the field of Healthcare Planning & Design".