Archaea Pharma: Manufacturing Quality Medicines with Excellent Packing to Alleviate Suffering

V B Shukla,Managing Director
V B Shukla, Managing Director

The quality of medicine is all that makes a difference, since only a pure and potent one can bring about the cure. Even if the doctor and his/her diagnosis is great yet the medicine is of a poor quality, a cure can never come about. Be it the cost of manufacturing, availability & source of raw material, changing times, or any other reason, the value system and ethics followed while manufacturing a medicine shall never degrade the quality of the medicine.

Believing in fulfilling social responsibility beyond business motives to alleviate mankind’s suffering through its quality homeopathy medicine is the Noida-based Archaea Pharma. Upholding the quality along with the core values, the company not only has an intact in-house quality control system, but also subjects the products and the raw materials (alcohol & herb among others) sourced from A-grade suppliers under rigorous tests and gains approval from different laboratories. These high-quality raw materials are collected from Saharanpur,
Bangalore & Bombay, and are delivered across India in excellent packing i.e. A-grade bottles that sets it apart from others.“As a Pharmaceutical Company in India, we want to make medicine available to all at affordable prices and do so without any discrimination and constantly strive to improve the quality of the drugs,” says V B Shukla, Managing Director, Archaea Pharma.

"As a Pharmaceutical Company in India, we want to make medicine available to all at affordable prices and do so without any discrimination"

More towards Healthy Well being
Recognized and certified under the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and following the guidelines of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), Archaea has over 30 registered products that cater to ailments like digestion problems, liver problems, stones, inflammation, asthma, kidney problems, Anemia, piles, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Arthritis and many more. All these products have gained popularity across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh markets. “Our USPs lie in the way we market our products and in the strong commitment we give towards our work and our customers. We believe in what we do and follow it 100 percent,” asserts Shukla.

The company is making constant efforts to provide the best to its customers with its operational
capabilities, manufacturing background. This has made Archaea a leading contract manufacturer and producer of world-class & branded generics and a major supplier of its range of specialty pharmaceutical formulations. The company directly takes orders from the dealers and supplies them as doctors give orders to the dealers first. In some cases, they send their representatives to the dealers to take the order for medicines and accordingly supply them.

Founded in 2017, Archaea has surpassed its own expectations to clock an astonishing revenue and acquire nearly 40 employees who are trained on regular basis to update their knowledge on the new market trends. Shukla recalls an instance during the early days when the company was short on supplies, as he never expected the demand will go through the roof so soon. Hoping to grow around Rs.2 crore this year, the company wants to raise its employee strength to 100 and expand all over India to reach the benchmark of Rs.100 crore in nine years. Intending to launch 50 more products and upgrading the pre-launched products, the company plans to rename the upgrades, while the new ones are in the process of attaining registration and approval from concerned higher authorities. Aiming to enter into exports, Archaea is in the process of collaboration with leading companies across Germany & Sweden.