Apollo HomeCare: A Leading Home Healthcare Provider

Dr.Mahesh Joshi,CEOThe massive rise in the non-communicable diseases have created an immense pressure on the Indian healthcare institutes to think out of the box and come up with solutions that could improvise the epidemiology. Apollo as a group has anticipated this healthcare exigency by instituting Apollo HomeCare with the objective of providing home healthcare of international standards, through proactive partnerships with patients, their families and other healthcare providers.

Uniquely positioned in the ecosystem, Apollo HomeCare is a synonym for Quality Healthcare. The organization has segregated its services into distinct programmes inclusive of Home visit, Home ICU program, Travel nurse program, Mother & Baby care program and other supportive care to patients at their comfort zones. These services and clients care are constantly monitored by qualified home care physicians.

"Home device support is an integral part of our comprehensive homecare program. We envisage executing chronic disease specific programs at home such as Chemotherapy, post-surgical care or stroke management programs. To ease up things for working couple or young families staying on their own, we have composed special homecare services to bestow necessary medical care and attention to young mothers and the new born. Indeed, the Mother & baby care program is one of our extremely popular services," states Dr.Mahesh Joshi, CEO, Apollo HomeCare.
Apollo HomeCare's aspirations are impeccably accomplished by a team of passionate healthcare and business professionals. There are enthused with the purpose of establishing a professional, comprehensive and trusted home healthcare company in India. A squad of medical practitioners, proficient staffs and an expert advisory board of clinical professionals are constantly endeavouring to construct provisions to not only make a difference in the community but equip the nation with the high standard homecare facilities.

In fact, it is the result of this shared objective and effort that Apollo HomeCare has been discerning a tangible expansion ever since its inception. "Being a homecare provider, it has been our foremost duty to frame medical panaceas with human touch, compassion, multidisciplinary and result oriented approaches and availing state-of-the-art technology. The combination of expert knowledge, experience, innovation and a constructive breath of view has kept us at the top position," he avers.

Apollo HomeCare aspires to avail the power of modern technology and extend its advantages to elderly people

In the last three years the organization perceived a CAGR growth rate of 25 per cent. The nascent operations were monitored by a team of three members which eventually increased to a team of 1200 members. They have consecutively served more than 175,000 clients and executed 1 million patient care episodes.

On the whole, Apollo Homecare has notched up about 600,000 hrs of nursing care in the community. "Currently, we are actively operating in nine major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Mysore and Madurai and are on the verge of adding another 8-10 new provinces in the coming years. Our exclusive Baby care and critical care services at home received acknowledgment from leading organization like TOINS," he says.

Apollo HomeCare aspires to avail the power of modern technology and extend its advantages to elderly people and acquaint them with age related diseases and encourage them to keep a tab on their health and overcome ailments. "We intend to play a leadership role in reducing hospital visits and promote home treatment for patients who can be easily treated at home. We also aim to advance an effective mechanism to support the advancement of pre and post hospitalisation for the community," he concludes.