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Hemant Radhakrishnan, DirectorMedical tourism is a trend globally and India is expected to rank among the top three healthcare markets in terms of incremental growth, reaching to about $280 billion by 2020. Moreover, the country’s cost-effective medical services (when compared internationally) coupled with highly trained medical professionals who ensure world-class care have resulted in higher rates of medical tourism, attracting patients from across the globe. However, the most significant propellers driving the industry within the country are healthcare marketing envoys who strive to attain maximum outreach to potential patients both domestically and internationally via digital means.

Standing on par with international standards, holding a strong intent of bridging the gap between patients and professionals and utilizing the omnipotent means of current day internet-marketing is Anvita Tours2Health a 'Infoparks Kerala' (Software Technology Parks of India) based healthcare company operating from offices in Bangalore & Chennai serving hospitals and doctors across India. Recognizing the prospects of accommodating foreign patients within the country’s ever flourishing healthcare industry, under the leadership of Hemant Radhakrishnan (Director), the company had set its foundation in 2009 to cater to this very need. As marketing forms the crux of the company’s agenda, Anvita is a primary marketer for hospitals, doctors and small-medium clinics, with healthcare being its primary outlook.

“We are India's leading online marketing consultancy & services company with a key focus on marketing for medical tourism. We are the only online marketing service provider in the healthcare domain with a proven track record of 300 + successful campaigns over the past 10 years to our
credit,” says Hemant. With an exclusive healthcare approach while proffering highly customized solutions, the company posses a PAN India presence with goals of building referral-networks, establishing hospital/practitioner visibility to potential patients (visibility management) and enhancing client reputation via reputation management.

"We are India’s leading online marketing consultancy and services company with a key focus on marketing for medical tourism"

Beginning with zero revenue outcomes to achieving far-fledged milestones (currently around Rs.2 crore annually), Anvita today enables patient outreach to continents and countries like America, Australia, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and many more. A conduit, creating convenience for patients and health sectors, the company increased an inflow of international patients to even India’s interior areas like Bhuj, Marathwada and interiors of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, not just boosting the country’s healthcare potential but also creating awareness of the specific hospitals/practitioners spread across the nook and corners of the country that offers exceptional healthcare services.

Having run more than 300 digital campaigns for individual doctors, corporate hospitals, ayurvedic & homeopathy experts and naturopathy specialists, Anvita caters to the complete spectrum of the healthcare sector by employing its unique and proven 360⁰ marketing strategy for clients. By effectively showcasing unique and diverse skill sets and capabilities of each of its clients, Anvita has been successful in lead generation as well as brand positioning of its clients’ reputation.

Prioritizing client-requirements, the company fine-tunes these demands and utilizes a judicious mixture of technology and distinctive methods to custom-build desired solutions. Maintaining a high-repute among its peers, Anvita ensures quality based on its enriched knowledge gathered from years of experience. Moreover, as crucial as legitimacy is, the company engages in a meticulous process of verification of the healthcare information to ensure
highly standardized systems of authentication where its team of highly qualified content contributors make sure that the verified information is digestible by common man. This team further creates content (video and written) in English which is later translated to various vernacular languages like Arabic, Nepalese, Russian and others), which are then verified by concerned language experts to ensure the context of the content does not change.

Medetalks - The TED Talk of the Healthcare
There lies a huge knowledge void in the industry that needs immediate attention. Though its Medetalks, an annual healthcare knowledge sharing event that features eminent speakers and policy & decision makers, Anvita has been helping the industry to not just network, but also share their wisdom with their peers to uplift the current stature of the healthcare domain, enabling better and cost-effective healthcare for one and all. Being organized in Cochin, Chennai and Bangalore, Medetalks aims to become the TED Talks of the healthcare industry and spread to more places in the coming days.

With two offices at Infopark, Thrissur and one each in Bangalore and Chennai, Anvita currently looks at strengthening its current services along with exploring increased revenue growth based on rapid expansion in terms of consolidating the current, as well as conceptualizing new services.

Key Management
Hemant Radhakrishnan, Director
Experienced Entrepreneur and Founder of Anvita Tours2Health Pvt. Ltd., Hemant has a proven history of largest number of successful Internet Marketing Campaigns for hospitals, clinics, doctors & health care industry at large. He is skilled in Highly Customized Internet Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation, Visibility Management & Reputation Management.

Offices: Thrissur (HQ), Bangalore & Chennai
Offerings: A healthcare marketing company offering lead generation, visibility management and reputation management