Anoo's: The Beautification Maverick with a Heart of Gold

Anuradha, Annapurna, Anupama & Anirudha,     Founders
Anuradha, Annapurna, Anupama &

External appearance has always been of prime importance to human beings and since aeons, people have been grooming themselves to enhance their physical appearance. Be it the Romans using skin creams made of olive oil, bees wax and rose water or the ancient Greeks using cosmetics, people have always been inclined towards enhancing their physical appearance. As a consequence, the global beauty and wellness industry has been experiencing consistent growth over the years.

However, with beauty experts mushrooming in every nook and cranny, it becomes tough for consumers to sift through the clutter and pick quality beauty solutions providers. A pioneer in various cosmetic treatments across India is Anoo’s, a provider of world class salon and clinical services. Specializing in rendering permanent makeover for both men and women along with a wide range of treatments & therapies, the name has today become synonymous with quality services.

The Legacy
Founded by sisters Anuradha, Annapurna, Anupama and Anirudha, Anoo’s had a humble beginning in a tiny garage in Hyderabad. Fuelled by
perseverance and a strong vision to render world class beauty treatments, the company today has over 28 salons & clinics spread across various cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Guntur, Rajah -mundry, Visakhapatnam and Tirupati, amng others.

"Our treatments are designed in combination of dermatological and aesthetician procedures, which not only give optimum results but also make customers happy"

Anoo’s has developed expertise in rendering a plethora of advanced skin treatments that meet international standards. The beauty mogul’s vast roster of services include mesotherapy, botox, fillers, thread lift, PRP, micro needling, double chin reduction, skin tightening and complexion improvement, among others. “Our treatments are designed in combination of dermatological and aesthetician procedures, which not only give optimum results, but also make customers happy,” explains Anuradha Chepyala, Director, Anoo’s.

Customized Beauty Services
The skin expert salon believes that no two people have identical skin. Skin response varies from person to person depending upon factors such as health issues, age, inheritance and lifestyle, among others. Therefore, it’s imperative to include the element of customization while rendering skin treatments. Taking into account the client’s skin type and requirement, Anoo’s customizes packages with a combination of both dermatological and aesthetician treatments.

Instead of exaggerating treatment results, Anoo’s promises realistic results and undertakes a holistic
approach to ensure that the results are achieved. Known in India and internationally for its advanced Salon & Clinical services for men and women, Anoo’s specialises in complete hair removal, tricology, surgical FUE hair transplantation treatment and non-surgical hair restoration services for partial or complete alopecia clients. Anoo’s also specializes in helping clients achieve weight loss, inch loss, figure correction, and skin tightening, along with BMI treatment for weight loss. Having built a reputable legacy over 35 years in the industry, Anoo’s has been the pioneer in mastering various advanced beauty services such as Cool Sculpting, a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat. Anoo’s also conducts ultrasound cavitation treatment, a popular and painless non-surgical procedure often used to remove fat and cellulite. Its roster of services further includes radio frequency, meso lipolysis, laser lipolysis and cryolipolysis. Anoo’s hasalso mastered and successfully conducts complex procedures such as botox and derma filler with utmost precision.

A firm built by women, Anoo’s strongly believes in women empowerment and helps women & girls find their identity and achieve economic freedom. The beauty expert conducts various free training programmes, workshops and also provides career directions to underprivileged women and girls through NGOs and skill development centres such as Pratham NGO, Labour Net and Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana(PMKVY), among others. Influencing various budding women entrepreneurs to establish their own salons, Anoo’s is truly creating beauty inside and outside.