Andheri Diagnostic Centre: An Advanced Pathology Laboratory Assuring Complete Patient Satisfaction

Dr.Sandip Banerjee,  Founder

Dr.Sandip Banerjee, Founder

The medical laboratory space is already very competitive, as labs in the industry have little differentiation between the testing and services that they provide. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that labs not only have to worry about local players, but also combat the acquisitive and ever-growing presence of the large national labs. This environment coupled with the pricing pressure means that laboratories will need to employ new strategies to survive and prosper. One successful strategy that labs are utilizing to compete, and grow is taking a customer-focused approach, and making customer acquisition and retention a key strategic focus. As such, Mumbai-based Andheri Diagnostic Centre established in 1994 has successfully outperformed the large national labs from a customer service standpoint with faster turnaround time, competent technologies and domain experts.

Deploying Patient-Centric Features
After obtaining M.D. in Pathology from LTMMC, Mumbai, Dr. Sandip Banerjee and his wife Dr. Madhavi Banerjee established Andheri Diagnostic Centre to ensure
reliable and accurate reports, which built trust and confidence among patients. The lab strictly strives to provide personalised attention, care, concern and courtesy offering accurate reports with minimal waiting period. Herein, the Glycosylated Haemoglobin Assays are performed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography technique and biochemical assays are done on highly integrated assay systems, which give 800 tests throughput per hour along with Dry Chemistry analyzer. Such advanced pathology laboratory technology provides a complete range of tests related to pathology, namely Haematology, Serology, Biochemical & Immuno Assays, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Cytopathology, and Histopathology. Andheri Diagnostic Centre is highly competent in FNAC procedures meant for evaluation of benign or malignant process, and differentiation of tuberculous etiology from other pyogenic ones.

"Andheri Diagnostic Centre has successfully outperformed the large national labs from a customer service standpoint with faster turnaround time, competent technologies and domain experts"

It also offers both routine and liquid based cytology for cytology studies. Surgeons and gyencologists very much rely upon their accurate histo pathology reports. In another segment of offerings like Immunoassays, Chemiluminiscence technology is used where all the tests are performed referring standard method. Calibration and controls are run daily and regularly. External quality control programs are
attended for all assays. These outstanding offerings and services coupled with compliance with biohazard protocol by MPCB, have catapulted Andheri Labs to become 9001:2015 ISO Certified, and ANAB (ISO/IEC 17021) accreditated.

Reaching Out to All
Andheri Diagnostic Centre in an attempt to reach out to patients living far off has opened multiple collection centres in Mumbai. It has maintained clear and hygienic service environment with minimal noise level, whereas the doctors and technologists are highly competent and well trained. Meanwhile, to tap global diagnostic market, the lab is also striking up deals with international companies to market and launch newer diagnostic tests at an affordable price and strengthening tie-ups with reputed centres for genetic tests.Molecular assays are going to be started in house from May 2019. In this long overhaul, Andheri Diagnostic Centre has switched over from server-based software to cloud based software, which eases day-to-day operation as well as patient and system communications. Along with the use of enhanced technologies and software, regular feedback taken from patients has also significantly contributed to ensure quality customer satisfaction that goes beyond internal and external audits. Andheri Diagnostic Centre extends its focus to patients, realizing that improving customer service and the patient experience concurrently creates a virtuous cycle that not only makes clients happy, but also drives patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.