Amrutanjan's Advanced Pain Management Center: Improving Patient's Quality of Life & Eliminating Pain without Surgery

S. Sambhu Prasad,Chairman & MD
S. Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & MD

Chronic pain is a worldwide public health problem that causes a substantial burden on healthcare systems and society, considering the quality of life impairment of the patients. Unfortunately, most medical centres resort to offering surgical treatments for pain management. Truly, not every patient is a good candidate for surgery, which may not be an ultimate choice of treatment. Enabling the patients to evade the surgical treatments, Advanced Pain Management Center (APMC), a division of Amrutanjan Healthcare Ltd. and Chennai's first & only comprehensive pain management centre, is one-of-its-kind speciality hospital dealing with chronic pain management through minimally invasive procedures. Explaining the aforementioned, S.Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & MD, Advanced Pain Management Center, evokes, “Our interventional pain management services bridge the gap between conservative and surgical pain management. The treatments facilitate patients in managing pain without surgery or invasive procedures”.

Customized Pain Care Solutions
The holistic healthcare journey commences with specialized diagnostic interventional pain
management assessments like Facet Joint Block, Sacroiliac Joint Block, Provocative Discography, Epidurogram & Selective Nerve Blocks by APMC’s dexterous medical team to discover the root cause of pain for eradicating it enduringly. Following this intrinsic clinical assessment, the center formulates a customized allopathic cure for each patient. Having specialists from different medical disciplines like Anaesthesiology, Rehabilitation, Sports medicine & Physiotherapy, APMC treats all chronic pain conditions through non-surgical interventional pain procedures with a multidisciplinary approach.

"Our interventional pain management services bridge the gap between conservativeand surgical pain management"

For instance, to re-grow damaged soft tissues like cartilage, menisci, & ligaments the center offers tissue regeneration treatment through platelet-rich plasma cell. This therapy involves introducing growth factor cells into a diseased tissue to accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself. This forms the framework upon which PRP cells grow and form new cartilage to replace the injured tissue. The others treatment procedures carried out by AMPC are Synovial Fluid Replacement therapy for osteoarthritis, Radio Frequency Ablation Therapy, Ozone Discolysis, Epidural, Nerve Root, Spinal Joint Injections, Vertebroplasty, Botox injections & many more. Moreover, this techno-intensive center also offers the advanced pain management therapies of U.S. & UK.

With the help of these sterling treatment procedures, APMC alleviates pain of patients suffering
from Knee/Shoulder/Hip Joints Pain, Neck Pain, Headache, Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Lumbar Canal Stenosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Neuropathic pain – Diabetic neuropathy, Complex regional pain syndrome, Post Herpes Zoster Pain, Chronic Abdominal Pain, Cancer related pain,& Myofascial Pain Syndrome, including failed - back and knee surgery cases.

The medical centre that adheres to NABH guidelines has also applied for pre-entry-level accreditation and follows evidence-based ethical & safety practices to offer best quality care. Besides maintaining strict aseptic protocols and 100 percent bacteria-free procedure rooms to keep infection at bay, APMC uses fluoroscopy procedures for obtaining precise localization of anatomic target area to avoid any possible side effects. The story doesn’t end here;after completing the interventional procedures the patients undergo chronic pain rehabilitation programme, wherein they do Yoga, Psychotherapies, family education and counselling, & other mindfulness techniques to improve coping, reduce the anxiety and depression.

Propelling Medical Center
Established in 2011 as a daycare centre with a vision to improve its patients’ quality of life through innovative pain management service, APMC upgraded into a hospital with 15 beds to meet out the growing needs of patients in 2017 and has improved the quality of life of over 10,000 patients. To cater patients PAN South India, APMC aims to create five more pain management hospitals in South India by 2021.