Alvi Armani: Globally Preferred for Hair with Natural Density

Dr. Arihant Surana,Medical Director

Dr. Arihant Surana

Medical Director

Leonardo Da Vinci's artistic magnificence - The Vitruvian Man was inspired by Architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio's early teachings. The Human form taught that a structure must possess firmitas, utilitas and venustas; it must be strong, useful and aesthetically pleasing. This inspired Dr. Antonio Armani which resulted in the Vitruvian Method, a unique method used in cosmetic surgery and hair restoration treatment at Alvi Armani Clinic. Dr. Antonio, Founder, Alvi Armani came up with the Vitruvian Method that encompasses Vitruvian Design involving mimicking natural hairlines & its flow, closer & layered transplant for a thick & flowing hair with natural density, strategic placement, and temple angle closure to bring back youthful look to face, thereby culminating an undetectable hair transplant.

Acknowledged globally since 1999, Alvi Armani has certified medical practitioners in each branch in every country namely U.S.,UK,Argentina,and Canada. In India, the Alvi Armani brand
has chosen Dr.Arihant Surana to spearhead the branch, which has proved its potential as the best hair transplant clinic, sought by clients from all over the country. Alvi Armani is renowned for delivering highly dense hair transplant with stark focus on aesthetics considering multiple factors such as properly placed hairline, ensuring proper angle of the hair growth and so on.

Alvi Armani also repairs damaged & badly performed transplants done by other clinics and help clients reach their expectations

Maximus FUE-Intricate, Safe & Fast Procedure
The clinic has reached a new benchmark utilizing artistic brilliance, with its proprietary advanced donor hair extraction technique 'Maximus-FUE'. This Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplant procedure involves extraction and restoration process of the hair follicles transferred from the donor area to the treatment area. Maximus FUE allows the removal of each hair, one by one, without the use of a scalpel. It extracts over 4000+ follicular units in a single day session. Removing individual follicles with a microscopic instrument allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally. “This one day procedure performed with the finest instruments provides patients with the freedom of hair styling choices, a diminished
healing time and helps return to their regular activities sooner,” explains Dr. Arihant.

Alvi Armani also repairs damaged & badly performed transplants done by other clinics and help clients reach their expectations. Alvi Armani also offers stand - alone Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP)treatment to hair loss patients as well as PRP Therapy in combination with hair restoration procedures. This revolutionary treatment is used to regenerate hair growth, enhance hair shaft caliber, improve scalp health, revise scars, and expedite healing after hair restoration procedures. Effective in both men and women suffering from hair loss, PRP techniques accelerate the regeneration process and improve overall scalp health. Its scalp micro pigmentation technique helps in the simulation of hair in the scalp and artistic tempering of the scalp which makes it look like hair.Alvi Armani regards research as their foremost ground for its evident success and the multiple laurels & awards including Consumer Choice Award 2015, it has earned so far..

Its staffs are specially trained in U.S. to assist their medical directors with SIPPA procedure. Having already built successful products like TR1, the clinic soon expects to run a new product line through its in-house research. Growing its revenue at a rate of 30-40 percent annually, Alvi Armani also plans to establish its clinic in all major cities of India.