Akurate Management Solutions: Experts Specialized in Managing the 'Business Side of Medicine'

Arun Kumar Palakala, CEOEvidently, outsourcing in the healthcare industry is on the rise, especially in countries like the U.S. where treatment costs are sky rocketing, and lack of manpower and doubling risks of insurances negate its growth. Owing to this nuisance, healthcare establishments resort to outsourcing business to major BPO tycoons, most often being India. With its rich talent pools, affordable costs and techno thriving infrastructure, India’s promising healthcare BPO segment is projected to reach $280.15 billion growing at a CAGR of 9.8 percent by 2020. Banking on this vast opportunity, 2012 established Akurate Management Solutions incepted as a one stop healthcare BPO solution under the headship of Arun Kumar Palakala(CEO). With over 15 years of Arun’s understanding the U.S. medical market and an ardent responsibility of serving ‘The business side of medicine,’ this company is truly a game changer in the realm of healthcare BPO services.

Operating as a virtual office to U.S. practitioners, Akurate provides elaborate services right from performing backend processing for clinics/physicians to providing value-added services like provider credentialing, auditing and patient scheduling. The company also caters to managing revenue cycle, medical coding, medical transcription services, provider enrolment, contract negotiating and EHR implementation amongst others. Moreover, as a sole proprietor of the medical billing back office, data entry, and call center
services, Akurate ingeniously streamlines its functions into one effective solution for running a medical billing company, medical practice and a hospital billing department based on U.S. standards. It also has developed systems for new providers in the U.S. to provide insights on their clinic and how to process their data. All these functions are performed under a transparent reporting system that has earned the company a firm niche and trust among clients.

Akurate performs detailed rootcause analysis of these denials, ensuring relevant solutions that benefit both parties

Rendering an Elaborate List of Services

While incidences of insurance claim denials pose major concerns to both patients and providers, Akurate performs detailed rootcause analysis of these denials, ensuring relevant solutions that benefit both parties. Furthermore, errors in the billing process are also seamlessly rectified, as this rigid HIPAA compliant agency, along with its richly bestowed AAPC certified staff, harnesses unique methods to zero down errors by customizing services for each client based on detailed understanding of their practiced business models and inhouse services. Aside this, Akurate also maintains higher than AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription) Standards of 98.5 percent accuracy, delivering transcription files that go through multiple levels of QA to ensure top quality. Further, Akurate's clients also enjoy complete liberty to focus on their practice, while their backend business is well taken care of by these experts. Provider certifications, enrolments and other documents are regularly scrutinized and revised to ensure that these clients stay on par with timely progress and up-to-date certifications.

Citing these exhaustive responsibilities, Akurate’s confidentiality model follows a one agent per client system, prioritizing datasafety so much so that none of this data is even discussed among colleagues. Aiming at leveraging the SIX-SIGMA approach for maximizing errorless reports, the company’s cost-benefiting solutions come with an additional package of keeping practitioners updated with the latest advances in their field boosting performance and eventually provider’s revenue, thereby fulfilling its sole agenda.

Thus what was incepted as a mere startup five years ago is now one of the most thriving healthcare BPOs in the country. “With our office grounded in the U.S, we aim to extend our marketing by sources in the U.S. mainland, and look forward to receiving higher turnarounds in the future,” concludes Arun.