Akshara Yoga School: Finding the Scientific & Spiritual Teacher in You

Saurabh Chaudhary,Chief Yoga Teacher

Saurabh Chaudhary

Chief Yoga Teacher

Situated in the pristine location of Chaudhary farms of Tanda Vijaisi, a village in the foothills of the Himalayas that is ideal for yogic learning and immersion, Akshara Yoga School is a place dedicated for the impartment of yoga education, learning, and experiences. Amidst the serenity of a 70-acre sustainable farm away from the city commotions and surrounded by a rich biodiversity, pollution free environment, healthy organic food, and yoga competency makes Akshara one-of-a-kind centre for yoga learning and assimilating yoga teachings in India.

Akshara Yoga school is led by a small team of five people wherein Saurabh Chaudhary, the Chief Yoga teacher and a certified Yoga teacher, Varvara- a certified yoga teacher with specialization in Hatha practice and Gaurav, the sustainability officer, being the core members, the dedicated team involved in yoga leaves no stone unturned to make it truly a surreal and lifetime experience.

“Whether it is high-quality yoga training, organic food, housekeeping or field excursions, we at Akshara Yoga School are driven by professionalism and fairness. Meeting the unmatched yoga industry standards and being accountable to our students, we ensure yoga skills development and
satisfaction among the students by being fully resourceful for the scrupulous operation of all yoga school activities,” speaks Saurabh, Head – Akshara Yoga School.

The bottom-line of Akshara lies on the constant review and up gradation of knowledge and skills of its teachers and trainers through workshops with keeping in abreast with latest developments in the science of yoga

Imparting the Ancient Yoga Lineage to Students
With the term Yoga becoming a global phenomenon and possessing the potential to culminate into an even bigger market, Akshara aligning their belief with the essence ‘established in yoga perform action’ strives to capture the growing attention by offering yoga training in a relevant manner leading to complete human development and not just another fitness regime. Also, understanding the market forces that govern yoga, the school assures to keep the contemporary elements of yoga in their trainings for readily absorption of graduating students in the yoga market.

Saurabh asserts, “The potential of yoga rests in its ability to manage total individual mechanism. In accordance to this, we have the expertise to take an individual on a complete healing and revival journey and maintain our leadership position when it comes to yoga training and education.”

Akshara’s teachings are purely based on the traditional yogic texts like Yoga Sutra, Bhagavadgita, and
Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Categorizing the yoga training and practice into four broad divisions viz-teaching methodology, anatomy, and physiology, yoga philosophy and practicum, all are lined with the international standards. Pinpointing its flagship offering, i.e., 200-hour hatha yoga teacher training course, a powerful course for a strong foundation in yoga, the school through its scientific and intelligent flair leverage its best to bring out the possible potential of teaching yoga among graduating students.“As we prepare the students for professional take up of yoga with our TTC, we also infuse radiant health,vigor, awareness, and ability in them to stay calm and focused through the traditional Hatha Yoga practices.” He adds, “The main highlight is our 10 day’s yoga vacation program that enables one to learn and enjoy yoga while staying at a farm and relishing healthy organic meals.”

Developmental Projects in Pipeline
Akshara is fascinated by the ancient vedic technologies and aspire to build vastu inspired state-of-the-art architecture that resonates and remain connected and open to universal structure and intelligence. The bottom-line of Akshara lies on the constant review and up gradation of knowledge and skills of its teachers and trainers through workshops with keeping in abreast with latest developments in the science of yoga. Accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA and having projects in the pipeline, Saurabh concludes, “Our upcoming projects include building new yoga hall, expansion of residential and dining facilities in the campus along with that we are planning to introduce an advanced Hatha yoga TTC with 300 hour duration and a new track of Ashtanga yoga TTC.”