Akshar Diagnostics Centre: Delivering Comprehensive, Affordable & Excellent Diagnostic Services with Impressive Reporting Time

Dr. Girish Yevankar, FounderTime often costs life. But in a city like Thane, it’s a herculean task for people to hand-hold their diagnostic reports on time, as the 'affordable' diagnostic services and radiological modalities are scattered in different labs across the city. When it comes to people from outside the city, time constraints and need for travelling take their days off. Known as the fastest growing diagnostic center in Thane, Akshar perfectly launches into this predicament and strives hard to save time, efforts and money of patients by offering all radiological imaging modalities under one roof, 24 x 7 services for CT scan, MRI and X rays and reporting for Sonography within 30 to 60 minutes in most of the cases.

Top-of-the-line services
Widely acknowledged for its excellent services & world class quality, Akshar offers comprehensive diagnostic services starting from basic pathology to CT scan, USG, ECG, 2D Echo, CT and MR angiography, 1.5 MRI, and anesthesia for no co-opeartive patients, while continuing to be a part of its patients’ strives to get the
best treatment and early recovery. Catering to various hospital chains like Currae Hospital of Patni Group and SS Hospitals, Bhiwandi, Akshar offers latest technologies and services with advanced diagnostic facilities to a broad ecosystem. Over the years, it has consistently enhanced its services with modern diagnostics equipments like 16 slice CT scan machines, 1.5 T MRI machine, volume series USG machine, and PACS system to segregate reports part keeping medical records.

By enabling technology to enhance patients’ experience, the center ensures top-of-the-line services for clients within their affordability, and in turn has become the first choice of many

By enabling technology to enhance patients’ experience, the center ensures top-of-the line services for clients within their affordability, and in turn has become the first choice of many. The center has also tied up with Health spring Wellness, which speaks of its consistent efforts to become an efficient player in the industry. Bearing the potential to provide fast & reliable diagnostic services to patients, Akshar was established in 2014 by Dr. Girish Yevankar - a trained professional in imaging & radiology under the guidance of Dr. Deepak Patkar,
practicing radiology for the last 20 years in Mumbai who is promoter of the centre. The center boasts itself of having medical professionals who are highly knowledgeable and holding expertise in different domains such as radiology, MRI,interventional radiology and cardiology. “From the time patients walk in, they find themselves in a healthy and hygienic environment and at the hands of a well-mannered cooperative team of 15 members, available to assist and guide them with utmost empathy. Our staffs understand that every single test is significant unease for any patient,” asserts Dr. Girish Yevankar, Founder, Akshar Diagnostics Services. The tests and examinations are carried out in private screening rooms, taking into consideration the comfortability of the clients.

The Road to Success
Going forward, Akshar is on its way to provide its world class imaging solutions at more affordable prices and more convenient time stipulations, projected towards all class of patients. The center is also determined to implement new technologies like 64 slice CT and 3T MRI, and set up the first interventional radiology centre & satellite set up in Mumbai and Thane. “We are trying to install PACS systems through which the entire scanning of patients can be sent to their referring doctors, required for treatment planning, surgical roadmap and for future reference of the patient in the form of medical record,” concludes Dr. Girish.