Advanced Pain Care Clinic: Leveraging Knowledge & Expertise to Offer Customized Pain Management Treatment

Dr. Jayesh Thakrar,Director
Dr. Jayesh Thakrar, Director

Lack of integration of knowledge and practice of the effective pain management by health care professionals into day-to-day care adversely affects patients, resulting in unnecessary physical, psychological, and emotional manifestation. Addressing these issues is the dire need of the hour as more and more people are affected with the current lifestyles. Run by a team of doctors & experts in pain management, Advanced Pain Care Clinic is one such clinic that treats pain, be it normal, chronic and or complex, employing latest equipment & technology.

This Surat-based Clinic specializes in Spinal, Neck, Back pain and Inter vertebral discs alongside others like neuroplasty, cancer pain, trigeminal neuralgia, slipped disc, facet joint, spasticity, pain in diabetics, frozen shoulder,pain in vascular inefficiency, migraine headaches & attacks, knee pain as well as post surgical pain. These pain are diagnosed and treated through diverse treatments like RADIO FREQUENCY,COOLED RF,DISC FX, BIACULOPLASY,
IDEAT, MINIMAL INVASIVE DISC PROCEDURE vertebroplasty& kyphoplasty for disabling the pain along with ozonetherapy, physiotherapy, medication, complete rest as well as psychological counseling.

"Advanced Pain Care Clinic provides transparent services to patients, ensuring no fraud or misinterpretation, which has in turn earned them recommendations for more patients"

Walking hand-in-hand with the advancing techniques, Advanced Pain Care Clinic employs RADIOFREQUENCY Ablation, DISC FX,ENDOSCOPIC PROCEDURE, INTRATHECAL Pump or Spinal Cord Stimulate Implantation & Minimal Invasive Surgery & similar modern techniques for faster pain relief.

Educating Patients
Undoubtedly, pain is an uncomfortable feeling that can be steady, throbbing, stabbing, aching, pinching or can be described in any other way. Every person experiences some kind of physiological pain, minor or severe, affecting regular routine of life as well as psychological & social aspects of it. Believing in the proper diagnosis of the root cause of pain so that it can be treated effectively(may be without operations),Advanced Pain Care Clinic educates patients with every know how and importance of effectiveness of pain management. “In most of the cases, expensive
&dangerous operations can be avoided with proper diagnosis & treatment, proper rest & exercise. A patient does not necessarily have to take anesthesia and can be discharged on the same say of treatment,” says Dr.Jayesh Thakrar, Director, Advanced Pain Care Clinic.

Customer Satisfactionas Priority
With a consistent focus on customer satisfaction and constant quest for top class quality & services has empowered the clinic’s vision to offer customized solution with quality& cost effective treatment and sustain a leadership position in the pain management industry. This has made the clinic provide transparent services to patients, ensuring no fraud or misinterpretation, which has in turn earned them recommendations for more patients.

Established in 2007,the clinic is pioneered by Dr. Jayesh who is Interventional Pain & Palliative Care Specialist,Anesthesiologist and well versed with advanced pain management procedure. Along with him,Dr.Ila Jayesh Thakrar also supports the clinic with her expert knowledge in pathology,naturopathy and yoga. Serving patients to cut off their pain from the roots for over 10 years, the clinic intends to advance the services in terms of technology & techniques and serve more and more patients in coming years.