Adarsh NarayanDas: The Path to Holistic Healing & True Happiness

Adarsh Narayandas,   FounderIn the hustle and bustle of modern lives, most of us are seeking balance, well-being, and spiritual fulfillment. Adarsh Narayandas, a prominent yoga master, shares a practical approach to achieving that balance. His journey into the realm of holistic health began as a personal quest for meaning and enlightenment. Raised in a conventional upbringing, he also took up a conventional path of education and a job in accounting. But hold up! There was a deep desire for something more.

His first exposure to yoga happened during his early childhood days, but it wasn't until 2005 that he realized the power of yoga. Through dedicated practice, particularly pranayama, Adarsh experienced physical well-being and experienced the spiritual dimensions of existence. This pivotal experience made him turn his life towards a more purposeful path.

While many pursue traditional educational paths, Adarsh found his calling in the teachings of yoga. His pursuit took him to the Yoga Institute in Bangalore, where he not only learned yoga but also gained invaluable insights into anatomy, physiology, and the intricate workings of the human body.

His education wasn't confined to textbooks; it extended into spiritual experiences that transformed his understanding of life. In 2005, he learned Pranayama and started meditating in 2007. By 2008, he had a
profound realization that life is not permanent and sought deeper answers about the purpose of existence. This quest propelled him further into spirituality and laid the foundation for his holistic approach to health.

Spiritual Awakening

The start was with a realization that life has an inevitable end, death, is the ultimate universal experience. This insight dawned on him at a tender age, prompting him to question the aspects of life school, job, marriage, and, ultimately death. This motivation to comprehend life after death became the catalyst for his spiritual journey.

His spiritual journey thrived by experiences of death and resurrection during pranayama practice in 2008. These experiences led him to a deep understanding that life, in its essence, is infinite, transcending the limitations of the physical body. After a one-month Yoga Instructor course and completing a PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy, he began teaching Spiritual Power Yoga in 2014.

Adarsh’s goal is to authentically & scientifically spread yoga, spiritual knowledge & its transformative benefits for physical, mental, emotional & soul well-being

Yoga, for Adarsh, is a lifestyle! He encourages individuals to dedicate a portion of their day to yoga and meditation, fostering not only physical strength but also mental resilience and spiritual clarity. He highlights the importance of proper nutrition, advocating for a shift towards natural, organic, and raw foods. He believes that a holistic approach to diet complements the physical and spiritual aspects of well being.

The Vision

Adarsh is a visionary who delves into topics like, pranayama, yoga, meditation, mind mechanism, enlightenment and kundalini through articles and videos. His notable achievements include publications in e-magazines and recognition from corporate entities.

Looking ahead, he envisions establishing a transformative space dedicated to a holistic approach to health. It will be a place where individuals can connect with like minded souls, share experiences, and support each other on their respective journeys. He plans to reach a global audience by leveraging technology. Overall, Adarsh’s vision extends beyond individual transformation, aiming to make holistic health accessible to everyone.