Acubiosys: Organic and Scientific Innovations in the Medical Sector for a Better Future for All

Srinivas Maddi,Founder & CEO

Srinivas Maddi

Founder & CEO

The world is evolving at a fast pace powered by technology and scientific innovations. Significant research and new discoveries by mankind across the globe has changed how the world functions, the issues it deals with and the ways they are combated. The widespread of various illnesses and diseases has been one of the most serious concerns, the world is dealing with. Many experiments, innovations and attempts are being made to find the right medicine and cure for these and help humans live a healthy life. Amidst such a situation, the biotechnology industry is beaming with organisations dedicated to this cause.Acubiosys is one such biotechnology organisation that offers cutting edge scientific innovations with complete focus on easing the sufferings of individuals with serious illnesses.

Quality Assurance is Paramount
Acubiosys was founded in the year 2017 by Srinivas Maddi, Founder & CEO. Dr. Srinivas is also a maestro in drug discovery and development processes. Leveraging his deep experience in technology evaluation and implementation of the project management tools, he is redefining technology and working on the space of pharma & life sciences while contributing his best to the industry. The vision of the organisation was to provide research services to big pharma and biotech industry companies along with individual drug discoveries. The main focus of the company is to provide best quality
services to the clients. Acubiosys also formulates various kinds of formulations with the help of natural components to develop new kinds of medicines that will cater to serious types of ailments. This sector falls under the innovations and discoveries vertical of the organisation.

The intention of this startup was to offer the best kind of organic natural drugs to the consumers. The organisation puts attention to the safety of the people who are suffering from different kinds of serious ailments. The increasing number of side effects faced due to synthetic formulations and drugs has contributed to the finding of this organic alternative startup. 'The organic formulations are not only safer alternatives for the patients but also cheaper and cost effective. The idea is to reach all levels of people and consumers and make the drugs available for everyone. This entire ideology makes Acubiosys different from the rest of the competitors in the same field,'says Srinivas Maddi, Founder & CEO, Acubiosys.

Discovering new drugs related to serious ailments such as cancer and lung diseases and making them available to the common man is what the company us eyeing at in the near future

Led by Maddi, who holds DAAD fellowship doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences from Germany and hones the experience of over a decade in the biotechnology field, Acubiosys is one of the most trusted companies in the sector. The organisation has been recognised and funded by the Biotechnology department of Government of India for identifying new drugs for cancer. Apart from such achievements, Acubiosys consists of a team of highly educated and experienced scientists who are devoted towards the new developments and discoveries. The organisation boasts a long list of clients from Europe to USA and from around the globe.

The Road Ahead
In the last two years the organisation has reached its business target and has experienced immense success. It has launched Covid related and health wellness products in an effort to contribute towards the recovery of mankind amidst the pandemic. Acubiosys is looking forward to expanding the infrastructure and increasing business by reaching out to more clients and hopes to provide more employment opportunities to the skilled scientists in the industry. Discovering new drugs related to serious ailments such as cancer and lung diseases and making them available to the common man is what the company us eyeing at in the near future.